360 Degree Feedback for Growth and Development

Step 4
Leadership Development
(360 Degree Assessment)

360 degree feedback is essential for every leader to fully recognize and understand their existing strengths and areas for improvement.

Leaders seeking growth and development are served well by utilizing our free 360 degree feedback leadership tool, which provides a complete panoramic view of your current leadership status.

leadership skills test

Our free 360 degree assessment tool enables leaders to benefit from open and direct feedback from parties at all levels of the organization.

For example, employees, supervisors, peers, business partners, or anyone else who you wish to gain feedback from can participate in this exercise. Hence the term, 360 degree feedback.

To get the most out of this exercise you must be prepared to hear a variety of honest assessments of your leadership skills from those you work. Hearing multiple perceptions of your leadership abilities will provide the most valuable insights. Be prepared to learn about areas where you can improve. You may hear some things that surprise you or that you just do not agree with, and that is okay. Whatever the feedback, welcome it and be thankful to those who were brave enough to contribute to your leadership development .

Leaders must understand that every honest critique, whether complimentary or not, is a gift from someone who has agreed to invest time toward your personal growth.

The 360 degree feedback leadership assessment is one of several tools provided below for leaders to leverage to grow in the area of leadership. 

"Lead and learn WITH your team. Be humble, vulnerable, and transparent. Live your leadership."

- Rosa Perez-Isiah

In addition to our popular 360 degree feedback tool leaders can gain valuable information by conducting employee exit interviews. These are usually done by a third party - usually someone in the HR department. 

It's also important to understand that when an employee leaves their job, the primary factor in that decision is not that they don't like the company or the job itself. Rather, they are leaving their leader. Understandably, this can be hard for a leader to hear and even harder to accept. Our 10 Key Questions tool provides a list of questions you can use to begin a dialog with team members on what you can do less of, more of, or different to better support the team and their professional growth

Quality leadership tools are critical for leadership development. The benefits you will receive when regularly applying these tools will be measured in improved results and an overall higher level of leadership effectiveness. 

"If you are a leader, do everything you can to grow yourself and create the right environment for others to grow."

- John C. Maxwell

Recommended Leadership Skills Tests

360 degree leadership feedback

360 Degree Feedback Leadership Assessment

Over the years, this 360 degree feedback leadership assessment tool has become one of our most popular offerings, because it enables you to get no-nonsense feedback about how others perceive you as a leader.

By initiating a Leadership 360 degree feedback assessment, you are asking people all around you to provide an unvarnished assessment of your leadership skill-set.  

The Leadership 360 degree feedback tool provides excellent information that you can use to create a leadership development action plan. Most likely, you'll find that you score high is some categories, but lower in others.

Focus to improve in the areas where your score was well under the normal average. In a short period of time you'll be able to noticeably improve in these areas and when you do, people will take notice.  

employee exit survey

Employee Exit Survey

Don't make the mistake of assuming you know why a team member is leaving.  Often an employee won't tell their supervisor the real reason why they're leaving, because many times the reason for leaving IS the supervisor. In fact, lack of respect for their direct supervisor is the number one reason why people quit their jobs. 

Of course, there are many other reasons why people change jobs, and as the leader - you need to know all of them!

By making use of employee exit interviews (which are typically conducted by an HR representative or other third party) you'll find out more about how you can change employee perceptions for the better, and ensure you can attract and retain the best talent available. 

master action plan

10 Key Questions

Your team members' basic needs include knowing what is expected of them at work; knowing they have access to the proper leadership tools, equipment and support to do their work correctly, and being able to answer basic questions of self-worth and professional value to the team and the organization.

As the leader, you hold great influence over helping your team members to answer these important questions.

The 10 Key Questions leadership quiz will assist you in identifying the areas that are important for you to properly lead and support your team. 

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