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Ten Steps to Leadership Development
Step Four: Analyze Leadership Skills Full Circle

360 degree feedback is essential for every leader to fully recognize and understand their areas of strength and weaknesses.

Utilize our free 360 degree feedback leadership tool, and get a complete panoramic view of your current leadership status.

It is only within the last few decades that leadership assessment tools of this quality have been readily available.

Quality leadership tools are critical for leadership development. The benefits one receives when regularly applying these tools is measured in improved results and an overal higher standard for living.

Due to the positive influence that leadership tools can provide, our entire site is dedicated to providing these tools to anyone with aspirations of self-improvement and leadership development.

Our free 360 degree assessment tool enables leaders to benefit from honest, direct feedback from parties at all levels of the organization.

For example, employees, supervisors, peers, business partners, or anyone else who you wish to gain feedback from can participate in this exercise. Hence the term, 360 degree feedback.

Certainly, you must be prepared to hear an honest assessment from those who work with you as to their “perception” of your leadership abilities. come prepared with a thick skin because you may hear some things that surprise you or that you just do not agree with.

Leaders must understand that every honest critique, whether complimentary or not, is a gift from someone who has agreed to invest time toward your personal growth.

The 360 degree feedback leadership tool provides lessons for leaders to consider as they work to grow in the leadership arena.

Each lesson should be carefully considered by you to become more aware of how your actions are perceived by others.

True or not, perception is reality in the minds of those around you – so you can’t afford to simply dismiss honest feedback. It will be this honest feedback that will enable you to adjust your approach and fine-tune your ability to influence your workgroup.

Take seriously the overall feedback you receive. Analyze your 360 degree feedback leadership assessment and make a commitment to yourself and to your team to implement some changes based on this tool.

Continue to self-assess your leadership development and experience the rewards of consistent improvement and overall success.

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