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Leverage Wise Words to Make Your Point

Using famous leadership quotes you can stand on the shoulders of leadership giants as you work to lead your team to victory. History's greatest leaders have paved the way for you by sharing their timeless lessons of leadership, success and self development.  Your job is make full use of the gifts you've inherited.

The power of using leadership quotes is often overlooked by team leaders and business owners for the purpose of clarifying a key point and motivating their staff.  

shoulders of giants

Imagine for a moment, a person who is so determined to prove himself right refuses to learn the lessons offered from his most recent failed attempts. Because he doesn't learn from his past defeats, he is destined to repeat them.

This person fails to adjust his approach based on the prior experience because he will not accept the fact that his initial premise was flawed. You might chalk it up to either stubbornness or stupidity.  Whatever it is, it's is the definition of insanity.

A concerned friend or mentor might offer the perfect leadership quotation to help their friend reconsider his approach. The perfect famous leadership quote might be the following:

"When you are in a horse race and your horse has died – DISMOUNT!"
- Desi Williamson

By using a famous leadership quote you can provide a clear message in a humorous and non-threatening way that gets to the heart of the issue. 

Next, consider the work-a-holic who is busy making money to buy material possessions, but doing so at the expense of family, friends and his own health.

The following quotation from a compassionate observer might just be the thing that helps the man to put life into more perspective:

"The best things in life are free."
- Art Buchwald

To those who are set on having a bad day or imparting their negative attitude onto anyone within earshot, this famous leadership quote provides a clear option for them to consider:

"People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
- Abraham Lincoln

Below we provide hundreds of powerful quotes for your convenience. Each quote provides an important life or leadership lesson that can help you communicate more effectively with your team.

"Don't find the fault, find the remedy."

- Henry Ford

More Famous Leadership Quotes

Quotations are used effectively by great leaders who seek to leverage every tool at their disposal for achieving their goals and objectives. For instance, quotations can you used to:

  • Drive home a main point.
  • Provide clarity to a vision.
  • Give support and credibility to a proposed idea.
  • Justify a firm position.
  • Create a vivid picture of what is taking place or expected to occur.

"The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages, may be preserved by quotation."
- Benjamin Disraeli

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