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SECTION 9.2: Too Close To Home?

In many an action plan example, there are many who fear anyone who might criticize their ambition. Those people need to read Goal Setting For Success. In the following information, you'll learn how respond to the nay-sayers.

"Some people create their own most difficult barriers to overcome.”

It's important that we not allow anyone to affect us in a way that brings us down or causes us to lose our enthusiasm for achieving a better life.

"There is nothing so valuable as one's physical and mental energy, which should be preserved at all costs."

The only words that can truly impact us negatively are the words we give power to. Certainly, the words we speak to ourselves are the ones that always have the greatest impact, both positively and negatively.

The words that others speak aloud are not within our control. People will say what they will, regardless of how truthful or hurtful or just downright mean those words may be.

However, we must know with conviction that words spoken by others can only bring us down if we attach meaning to them. Too often, we allow what other people say to discourage us from following our best path.

When you hear negative feedback, ask yourself what that person is really trying to accomplish.

Do their words reflect a fair assessment of you, or do their words reflect a more accurate picture of that person's own lack of self-esteem?

For the most part, people who are negative towards others do not represent the qualities desired in a good action plan example, they are not good leaders. Rather, these people are insecure and lack any real feelings of personal self-worth.

When you understand the motivation behind a person's negativity, it's much easier to let their words roll off your shoulders, missing you entirely, passing you by without any hurt or impact of any sort.

so ignore the nay-sayers, for they represent mediocrity and/or failure. They will never rise to a higher place in life.

Success Lesson #20: Vitality Sappers

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."
- Zig Ziglar

The man who would make the most of life must learn "to be good to himself;" that is, while he should strain every nerve to develop himself to the utmost, he must remember that his success will depend very largely upon the care he takes of his success-machine - himself.

Too many so called successful men and women are their own worst enemies. They would never think of abusing an animal or any other living creature, yet they do this to themselves.

They push themselves to exhaustion through overwork; they go without eating properly; they deprive themselves of sleep or well-earned recreation. Yet, they cannot understand why their greed for money is not rewarded to the extent they feel entitled, as a reward for their sacrifice.

"Your energies naturally lessen over time so it's imperative you use your talents today to make the most of your life."

Lack of sleep, lack of exercise in the fresh open air, lack of nourishing food or engaging conversation with friends and family, overwork, doing our work with a feeling of drudgery - all these things are leaks which sap our energy and rob us of the great reserve which enables one to achieve great results and a sense of fulfillment.

Make the most of yourself! Create a perfect action plan example for others by cutting away all of your vitality sappers. Get rid of anything that would hamper you or hold you back, everything that wastes your energy or cuts down on your working capital.

Always ask yourself, "What is there in this thing I am going to do which will add to my life-work, increase my power, keep me in superb condition to provide the best thing possible for my life?

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"The goal we hold in our mind is the model which shapes our lives, and its character is reflected in everything we do."

- Orison Marden

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