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How To Get Anyone To Do Anything

Quality business leadership training from a truly inspirational book! Author, R. Philip Hanes believes that "you can accomplish anything you can dream, IF you can get someone else to do it!”

"The strongest step toward growth begins with the human choice.”

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Mr. Hanes is a man who has proven himself as a successful businessman, entrepreneur, civic leader, conservationist and philanthropist. Moreover, he’s maintained a zest for life and vitality that is unmatched my most men or women half his age. At eighty, he continues to dream BIG.

In his book, How to Get Anyone to Do AnythingHow To Get Anyone To Do Anything, Mr. Hanes walks his readers through four important areas that include:

"Desired results rarely occur by chancee; ususally it is the result of proper planning and a resolute will."

  • Networking
  • Risk-Taking
  • Fund Raising
  • Problem Solving

What's so great about reading this book is how the author uses humor and his own brand of unique story-telling to make key points to lessons learned.

In the Networking chapter, Mr. Hanes encourages us to stand on the shoulders of others that have come before us. It should be no surprise to anyone that we can travel much farther, much faster, by using the knowledge gained by our business leadership training predecessors.

It makes perfect sense that the view is much better when standing atop a structure already supported by a solid foundation.

Most successful people will emphasize that it took them years to become what others might call an “overnight success”. Mr. Hanes tells his readers to expect anything good to take some time.

Moving on to the Risk-Taking chapter, readers will learn the reason why so many people fail to achieve their dream. Too often, Hanes explains, people fail to act because they simply can’t determine where to begin.

BEGIN ANYWHERE! says Hanes. Not knowing where to begin is such a common pitfall that tends to paralyze too many capable people. In simply taking that first step, the next step will undoubtedly present itself, and the next… and the next.

Soon thereafter, the forward momentum gained through each additional step taken will increase your self-confidence and will quickly clear away any doubt you may be feeling. Simply by being engaged, and "in the game", you'll soon figure out where you wish to go.

Hanes points out that the Japanese business leadership training advisors call this Kaizen. Take one small step at a time - remain moving, when obstacles appear go around them, over or under them, or barrel right though them - but keep moving and eventually you will win.

So what happens if your first step is the wrong step? Hanes reminds us that it’s important to remember that “ACTION is Success” provided we learn from our mis-steps and avoid making the same mistakes twice.

If you want to go from one mountain peak to another, the shortest and most direct route can often mean having to scale an impossibly steep cliff. To ensure you get to your goal, you often will have to follow the longest or slower route.

Hikers and business leadership training experts call this practice “orienteering”. Yes, it takes longer and the struggle is more difficult, but the result is that you meet your ultimate goal. So it’s worth the effort and it will mean more when you achieve your goal.

The author of How To Get Anyone To Do Anything maintains a strong belief that in order to get others to do the work you need them to do, you must share a strong vision that they want to be a part of. Hanes believes that people will follow a man or woman of integrity and someone who maintains solid credibility.

The vision for success must include everyone. In other words, the payoff needs to be something that everyone can gain from. The payoff needs to be worth the effort. Employees or contractors must understand clearly that the work they do today will determine the quality of their future.

"The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions. "

Hanes has a passion for youth-driven movements. He believes in young people who possess dreams, ambition, determination and persistence. These are the young business leadership training students who will change and lead the world of tomorrow, and they are also the people in your local hometown that will make bold new ideas become reality.

Actress, Rosemary Harris says, “This is such an infectious book! It made me want to rush straight out and get someone to do something – at once!”

I’ll have to agree with Ms. Harris, this book is infectious, a definite must-read. Enjoy!

"There’s no use trying," said Alice.
“One can’t believe impossible things.”
I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen.
“When I was your age I always did it for half an hour a day.
Why sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

- Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland

Author Bio:

R. Philip Hanes, author of the business leadership training book entitled, How To Get Anyone To Do Anything, was among the farsighted few who helped launch the American arts council movement in the 1950s. He lives with his wife, Charlotte, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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"Success is neither magical or mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the fundamentals."

- Jim Rohn

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