Not Just Goal Setting Theory: Goal Plans That Work


More than a goal setting theory; this is a Goal Setting For Success tool for aspiring leaders. In the following information, you'll learn how to identify the key categories of your life and set clear goals in each one.

"Success in life requires goal planning in all life categories.”

As you continue the goal setting process, it's imperative that you identify each of the most important areas of your life. Working on goals in only one key area will only work to lessen the overall balance you feel in your life.

"In order to avoid an unbalanced life experience, we need to consider establishing life goals in every major category of our life."

Each category of your life that you ignore when goal planning will become the source of regrets. For example, if you fail to establish goals in the area of your finances, then financial troubles are likely to occur in this area of your life.

If you ignore your personal health, you leave yourself open to disease, malnutrition and loss of muscle and bone density.

Too often we put everything we have into our profession at the expense of the quality time we could be spending with our family and friends. Like we said, this goal setting process is more than just goal setting theory, you have to put your goals into action.

While every person must ultimately decide their own life categories, we've identified seven key life categories that you should consider in the goal planning process:

  1. Physical Body Goals:
  2. Spiritual Goals:
  3. Emotional Goals:
  4. Family Goals:
  5. Friends Goals:
  6. Financial Goals:
  7. Professional Goals

Under each of the above life categories, ask yourself if you are fully satisfied and currently experiencing the level of fulfillment that you desire right now. If not, then begin to assess your goals in this area for what needs to change and for what you can do immediately to begin the process of improving this category of your life.

Learn more about goal setting theory and how to create goals in your life. Isn't it time to develop a scheduled plan of action? Understand the reasons behind your ambitions and identify the resources you need to achieve success using Zig Ziglar's goals program, Strategies for Success: The Goals Program. After watching this DVD program, you'll fully appreciate the statement "If you have dreams, then you need to plan your goal setting activity."

Success Lesson #3: Continuous Improvement Always

"Set your goals high, and don't stop until you get there."
- Bo Jackson

If left at rest, the purest of water will eventually become stagnant. Along the same vein, the most talented and able individual - if not continually pushing to learn and grow, will undoubtedly begin to diminish in strength and vitality.

"Follow the principle of I.C.A.N = Improvement: Continuous and Never-Ending"

We must start out each day with determination to improve upon the day before. Commit ourselves to leave our office, our home or our other places of interest just a little better off than they were the day before.

This habit of always improving things, of setting the bar always a little higher, making everything just a little better, is contagious. If you are constantly doing this, your employees, your children, all who you come in contact with will catch the fever and begin to work to improve themselves.

If you can influence people around you to do their best work voluntarily, you will have powerful allies in your work and in your home.

Becoming the man or woman who is a perpetual inspiration to everyone around him or her, has a tremendous advantage over the one who is constantly a depressant, a discourager, or who kills the ambition of others through their regular criticism and harsh judgments.

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"In life, as in football, you won't go far
unless you know where the goalposts are."

- Arnold H. Glasgow

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