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Ignited takes a real-world view of the challenges managers face when attempting to lead with limited time and resources.

"Leadership in middle management is a tough challenge, especially for newly appointed managers.”


Middle managers face unique obstacles in that their success depends on those they lead, and the subordinates depend heavily on their manager to provide direction and support.

Today’s mid-line leaders no longer live on safe ground. There are fewer hiding places and the increased accountability has leaders squeezed like never before to produce quality results, or face the real possibility of being replaced.

It is a sad reality that approximately 65% of all managers who were recently surveyed feel squeezed, rather than empowered, by their roles. They are more confused about where the lines of authority are within their organizations, and they feel compelled to defend their turf more than ever before.

"Everyone can be replaced. Some easier than others. Never stop working to increase your value to your employer."

Ignited (paperback): Managers! Light Up Your Company and Career for More Power More Purpose and More SuccessIgnited is brilliant in the way that it speaks to managers who are experiencing this sort of pressure in the workplace.

While the first section of the book talks about gaining more Power, the second section delves deeply into how a manager can experience a greater sense of Purpose in their role.

In Ignited, managers take a pro-active approach to adding value to their organization, in an all-out effort to get re-discovered and ensure future advancement in the company. By taking action to provide solutions to current problems, managers can redefine themselves.

Author, Vince Thompson, states that this action benefits the reader in several ways:

  • It establishes you as supportive of upper management rather than as a malcontent and potential rebel.
  • It gives you a role in establishing the future order – which may mean an opportunity to shape it to your liking.
  • It makes you all the more essential to any “new guys” who end up running your operation – after all, who better to interpret and manage the new system than the one who helps to create it?
  • It provides you with a positive outlet for the nervous energies inevitably stimulated by a corporate shakeup.
  • And it adds value to the company – which is what they pay you for, remember this always!

Ignited teaches middle managers to become an expert at the “processes” within their organization. This can be a huge advantage, particularly when an organization is rocked by internal change.

In this book, Thompson points out that many organization fail to keep up with their competition due to being heavily focused inward. They lose sight of the landscape around them and they fail to leverage their network for current trends and key information.

Vendors of every organization can provide critical information if asked. Aside from your customers, your vendors are your most knowledgeable group of constituents.

Vendors have a unique view of your business than any other group. In many cases, they work with your competitors and have key information about the market, about customers, and about emerging trends that may highly impact your business.

"There will always be a need for the person who holds the map and knows how to read it within any organization."

The closer your relationship with vendors are, the better your chances of learning some of this information early enough to use it for your benefit.

Another key lesson provided in Ignited was where the author talks about “working the plan”.

In a nutshell, working the plan, means developing a business sales plan that is solidly grounded in everything you’ve learned while in the information-gathering phase of your business.

In four steps, Thompson says to: Define the problem; Explore the costs of failure; Explore the benefits of success; and Outline a solution.

Simple, simple, simple!

"Managers of the world, rejoice. There is finally a book for you. Vince’s book contains some of the best advice you’ll ever get on getting the best out of people and enduring the constant stress that comes with managing human beings."
- Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!

We encourage you to add Ignited to your 'must read' book list.

Author Bio:

Vince Thompson, author of Ignited and principal at Middleshift Consulting, works with Internet companies to design world-class online marketing solutions and build sales organizations empowering those in the middle.

Thompson has spent 15 years as a middle manager leading teams in challenging industries and hotbeds for learning; first in restaurants, then in television, and now in the Internet business.

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