Leadership Lesson Plan

Life Exploration Tips For Personal Success

Life is meant for living. This leadership lesson plan focuses on the importance of reaching out to experience new frontiers in your life.

The life exploration process is one of the best ways to keep your life interesting and fresh. In order to continually learn and grow you must regularly inject your life with new experiences and challenges.

Where you are today is not so important as where you are going next.

The sum of all your past decisions have placed you directly where you are today. The choices you make now and going forward will determine where you’ll be 5-10 years from now.

It's a fact that for the most part, we all choose where we are in life. If you don’t like where you are then now is the perfect time to choose a new path. Our leadership lesson plan encourages every individual to believe that in one great moment of decision, a person’s entire life can be transformed.

Take some time to seriously determine where you want to be in this world and how you can get there – then, begin the journey! Persistence will eventually prevail.

Leadership Lesson Plan for Exploring Life

One of the problems many people face is that they look at successful people and believe “that could never be me”. What you must understand is that every person who says this – is absolutely right! However, it is also true that every person who says “that WILL happen for me” is also 100% absolutely correct.

The key learning here in our leadership lesson plan is that each person’s BELIEF will determine their outcome.

In this leadership lesson plan, see if you can identify any trends in the following success stories.

Muhammad Ali – the greatest professional boxer that ever lived had to fight the U.S. Government and the boxing associations to realize his dream. His belief was so strong that he prepared to be imprisoned and he actually went broke, but he still persevered to become one of the most successful and beloved figures in sports history. You have to realize that he started with nothing but talent, a dream, resolute will, and a certain belief system - and he made it work!

Oprah Winfrey started out as a weather girl; Emeril Lagasse worked in a Portugese bakery in Massachusetts. Neither was born wealthy yet their hard work and strong belief in their own abilities made them wildly successful.

One thing in our leadership lesson plan that is certain - the only thing achieved by doing nothing, is nothing. So step out, get out of your comfort zone. In fact, get so “uncomfortable” that change will be inevitable.

The payoff will more than make up for that initial pain you feel from stepping into the unknown.

”Life is lived out on the wire, the rest is waiting.”
- Papa Wallender, Great High Wire Walker

Remember, it’s your life, your responsibility and your choice – the buck stops at your doorstep. You get total credit (or blame) for whatever outcome you realize.

The moment that your life will change is the exact moment that you accept the responsibility (and rewards) of knowing “it all begins and ends, with me.”

Lastly, we wish you successful new beginnings and a life of personal and professional exploration. Enjoy the journey as you work to create a leadership lesson plan that keeps you challenged and inspired.

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