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Being a woman in leadership comes with a unique set of issues and challenges. Discover what successful women are doing to level the playing field.

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Every woman that plays a leadership role has experienced the uncertainty of whether she is being judged based on gender rather than her leadership and management skill-set. There is no doubt that although our society has come a long way in gender equality issues, there is still much progress to be made for true equality for women in corporate America.

The good news? We're seeing more women achieving success in the upper ranks of leadership positions than at any time in our history. The fact that more women are filling top leadership roles is a tremendous accomplishment that should be celebrated - while knowing there's more to accomplish.

A woman in leadership today has many advantages that working women of the past did not enjoy.  In fact, many successful women are blazing their own trails, feeling they no longer need to strive to play by the men's rules.

That's not to say that "good ol' boy" pressures don't still exist, they certainly do. However, traditional thinking on gender no longer rules the landscape like it once did.

Instead, women are creating new rules. They are staying focused on communicating and demonstrating their own unique abilities and they are developing leadership skills to achieve impressive results.

Role Model Of A Woman In Leadership

An example of a highly successful woman that is in a top leadership role is Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and the founder of LeanIn.org

Sheryl Sandberg Leadership Quote

Sandberg is using her leadership position and notoriety to shine a light on gender equality issues while encouraging young women to strive for higher achieving in their chosen profession.

The Lean In website is a great resource, offering advice on how to be a good mentor and role model for young women.  In addition, there is excellent advice for men on how to be an All-Star Dad. 

The site provides opportunities for businesses to become Lean In partners and learn how to lead and maintain a supportive work environment. 

While some "good ol' boy" clubs remain in tact, and sexism can still be found in some offices around the country, women in general are not allowing these backward ideals from keeping them out of quality leadership roles.

A woman in leadership today believes strongly in herself. She knows she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. If the environment she's in is not allowing her to flourish, then she knows it's time to initiate change where she is, or move on to a more supportive environment.

Women all across America have figured it out. They understand that "knowledge is only potential power", and that "action is true power".

"It's not what we are capable of doing that matters. It's what we actually DO that makes all the difference."

A successful woman in leadership today knows that in order to achieve results, it requires consistent focus, energy and persistence.

Women (and men for that matter) whose goals include taking leadership roles have to stay focused and clear a path for success. Do not waste time being a victim when you can realize your dream of becoming a conquering hero.

If you believe it, you can achieve it. With enough desire and focused effort - your vision for success can be realized.

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