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Identifying effective traits of leadership are an important part of every leader’s journey for personal and professional growth.

We’ll cover two essential traits of leadership here and also provide you with a terrific quick reference to many more.

One of the many attributes common in effective leaders is their “lack of fear” – at least on the outside.

Leaders seem to ignore what others fear. They possess the courage to let go of any fear they do have, and they focus instead on the success they’ll realize once the perceived challenges are overcome.

Effective leaders make no time for fear, jealousy or pettiness that seems to paralyze so many others. They know that a person’s fear of failure is the greatest dream killer known to man.

Leaders today understand that true failure only exists when you give up and stop trying. Failure to them is NOT trying something, when there's a reasonable chance that it just may work.

Failure IS trying something that doesn’t work, then not learning from the experience and quitting altogether - how sad.

It’s true; “failure exists only to one who accepts the label as fact.” Leaders never accept failure; they simply “press on”!

Integrity is the one most important and effective trait of leadership. Most would agree that someone who lacks integrity cannot and should not be trusted. In fact, leaders without integrity are not leaders, but only someone who has been given some level of authority.

People do not “hitch their horse to a wobbly wagon”. Rather, they want to be connected with someone with a strong foundation (a wagon made with quality materials that can withstand adverse conditions), these quality materials include a leader's character and integrity.

Courage and Integrity - these are two effective traits of leadership that are found is all great leaders. To learn more about leadership traits, go to the following link and find out the mystery behind J.J.D.I.D.T.I.E.B.U.C.K.L.E.

The preceding link reviews in detail 14 effective traits of leadership, developed by the United States Marine Corp. It delves deeply into essential traits of leadership and is a brilliant checklist for any leader wanting to test their knowledge and grow their leadership skills.

As you read through each leadership-based trait - that continues to be taught to our American soldiers - it’s easy to see how these very same ideals can be applied, and should be expected, in today’s business environment.

As you review each leadership trait – think about how you are, or should be, applying yourself to live up to these leadership standards.

Enjoy the process! Incorporating effective traits of leadership into your daily life will be an insightful and rewarding experience.

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