Management Development Training Analysis


Management development programs exist in forward thinking organizations. They require a management training needs assessment to be completed no less than once per year for all members of management.

"Leadership requires constant effort toward growth and development.”

A systematic and continuing review of current and foreseeable organizational training needs - provides a foundation from which to plan, budget, direct, and evaluate an effective management training program.

The training needs and management style of individual employees should be assessed within the context of the organization’s strategic goals and to support employee performance and development.

"Not knowing where to begin is a common form of paralysis. Managers can begin to develop as assessing their existing skill-set starting right here."

We have provided a free management development training assessment tool for your convenience. This assessment tool should be used in cooperation between management and their respective employees.

Training needs assessments must be tied to the company’s performance and results objectives. Since training dollars are limited, we underscore the importance of strategic planning and utilizing training dollars most effectively to meet the big-picture needs of the organization, while providing high impact tools and resources to employees.

Training is cost-effective when the company can be expected to gain more benefit from the training than it invested in its cost. For instance, since increased sales means better profits, start with each sales manager to assess their sale management training needs.

Determining the value to the organization of any particular training investment, however, must rely on the vision and judgment of line supervisors and managers.

You may authorize training to build skills and knowledge levels which help employees better contribute to your organizational mission(s). In some cases, the need is immediate and the training remedial; in other cases, the aim is to update and maintain professional knowledge; and in still others, the goal is to prepare for requirements anticipated by higher level officials.

Management Development Training

Identifying management training needs for your employees requires careful scrutiny of mission objectives, personnel, production, resources, costs, and other factors.

The management development training needs you identify factor into the total training budget forecasted for your organization, and have impact on the amount of funds that get allocated.

As a leader, you need to plan on two levels in assessing management development needs: Organizational and Individual.

  • Step One - Obtain needs assessment data (through our free Management Needs Assessment tool
  • Step Two - Analyze data (discrepancy or gap between the desired knowledge and skills and those currently possessed by the employees)
  • Step Three - Define performance problems (changing technologies, etc.)
  • Step Four - Research performance solutions (ask what other like-organizations (aka: competitors) are doing; determine costs of training and/or non-training solutions; involve all affected employees)
  • Step Five - Determine best approaches to resolving problems and issues
  • Step Six - Conduct a cost/benefit analysis or business case for selected approach to project what financial benefit will result from the investment of training dollars.

Reasons For Management Training Initiatives

  • Trainee or Intern Training Programs
  • Career and Management Development Programs
  • New Supervisors
  • Performance Problems
  • Production Problems
  • Safety Problems
  • New Technology
  • Mission Changes
  • Sales Management or Service Inspection Deficiencies
  • Laws and Regulation Updates
  • Promotions

Use our free Management Development Needs Assessment tool to identify how to improve the management skills of the leaders in your company.

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