Sample Performance Evaluation

Six Steps To Performance Reviews
Part Four: Be Well Prepared

In our sample performance evaluation process, we must emphasise the importance of a supervisor taking adequate time to fully prepare for every single annual review.

Although it is the one time each year that a manager can truly emphasize the value that an employee adds to his or her team, too often the opportunity is never recognized or taken full advantage of.

Annual performance reviews provide a unique opportunity that, if not fully prepared for, can send a terrible message to an employee - a message of "I don't care about you."

Managers who have not adequately prepared, are quickly seen by their employees as being uncaring and self-centered individuals.

Managers must be sure to do the following in order to be fully prepared to conduct a performance appraisal:

  • Ask employees to complete a self-evaluation while you are preparing your own assessment. Their comments will add additional insight that will make the final draft much more of a collaborative effort, and therefore more valuable to the employee.
  • Arrange for a mutually convenient time and location. Ensure there will be no interruptions. Consider this time with your employee as sacred. They will appreciate getting your undivided attention.
  • Fully review the performance appraisal draft. Have it fresh in your mind before meeting with the employee. Review each performance rating and the facts supporting each rating.
  • Develop an agenda or outline for the discussion beforehand. This will keep the discussion focused and make the most of the allotted time. Our free sample performance evaluation form will help!
  • Anticipate reactions. Be prepared to know how you’ll respond in the event of an employee becoming defensive, angry, silent, sad or even crying.
  • Do not discuss any item for the first time during the annual review. There should be NO SURPRISES during the review. If you have effectively communicated throughout the year, this review will simply be a summary of the entire year. The only big surprise the employee should experience is news of a promotion or bump in pay!

  • Role play any difficult discussions you may need to prepare for. This will help you to be more fully prepared for any difficult discussions.

Managers who take the time to prepare and conduct an appraisal the right way, are rewarded ten-fold with employees who are more energetic and enthusiastic about their work.

Employees who feel they are appreciated and treated fairly, will be around longer as they will be more fulfilled in their roles.

Remember – Success in all things, is the result of being prepared. Keep reading to receive our free sample performance evaluation form.

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