Setting Goal For Yourself To Realize Your Dreams


When setting goal for yourself, be sure to keep your Goal Setting For Success tool within reach and remember this chapter on 'Keeping It Real'. In the following information, we discuss how to maintain a clear perspective on success.

"Lack of thoughtful planning, leads to limited opportunity.”

Too often people pursue the empty goal of achieving great wealth, to possess all of life's riches, to become a millionaire - or even a billionaire.

"Be here on purpose. Part of that purpose should be to learn and grow. Apply ALL your efforts to become your best self. Strain your potential until it cries for mercy."

This is an example of having a goal, without a true purpose. A goal without a purpose will only lead to an empty result. Even if you assume you become rich in money, your heart and your mind will remain poor and empty. Money is never the answer to self-worth - it does not buy happiness.

As we've walked you though the process of setting goal for yourself, we've continually emphasized the higher and bigger things associated with the goal setting process. We've spoken at length about issues of conscience, character, doing the right things, giving to others, and planning your life in a way that allows you to lead a life of passion using a high moral compass.

Goal setting does indeed produce greater results for anyone willing to put in the time and do the work. However, without your goals being planted firmly with a greater purpose; without true enthusiasm and passion, without your mind properly engaged, your goals will never lead you to a life of success and happiness.

So make sure that you always keep it real in terms of knowing what your true purpose is; knowing clearly what you want - and why you want it. This will ensure you spend your time wisely and end up with the ultimate outcome you truly desire.

Success Lesson #22: Have You An "Alley-Cat" Consciousness?

"I myself am good fortune."
- Walt Whitman

The following fable was once told by Dr. Joseph Perry Green during a lecture in New York:

"A common mongrel cat and a fine Persian cat often met in an alley. The alley cat noticed that people seemed to love the Persian cat very much. She was petted and fed, and everybody was kind to her and called to her when they saw her.

But with the alley cat things went in the reverse. Nobody came near to pet her; in fact, everybody seemed to run away from her, except the boys and dogs, which would chase her, and the other cats of the neighborhood, who were constantly fighting with and abusing her.

Once day she asked the Persian cat what made the tremendous difference between them; why it was that she, the Persian cat, received such good treatment from everybody, while she, the poor alley cat, was treated so shamefully?

The Persian cat replied, 'Why, that is because I am puffed up. I know I am some cat! The reason you get such treatment as you do is because everybody can see that you think you are nothing but a miserable, despised, mongrel cat.'

The poor alley cat felt terribly depressed and despondent, and asked how she could change all this. The Persian cat told her "begin believing in and setting goal for yourself. Repeat to yourself constantly: 'I am a wonderful cat; everybody loves me, everybody is kind to me.'

The alley cat commenced doing this and soon she noticed that the treatment she received began to change. This encouraged her to keep thinking better of herself.

She kept affirming that she was 'some cat,' and gradually she was recognized as such, although she had no Persian blood in her. She had, however, adopted a Persian cat consciousness.

As a result, the alley-cat consciousness was cast out by the larger, richer consciousness she had adopted."

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"Purpose is what gives life a meaning"

- Charles Perkhurst

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