Strategic Acceleration

Strategic Acceleration
Succeed at the Speed of Life!

Strategic Acceleration is a new release by Tony Jeary. From the beginning of the book to the very end, Jeary provides real hope and instruction for the aspiring leader.

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

When you hear the term, Speed of Life - your brain immediately starts flashing images through your mind of past experiences – memories that have made you the person you are today.

Jeary explains that most people experience two reactions to the term as it carries the optimism of opportunity, and it is a term that imparts a sense of stress and anxiety.

The author states “Whether you consider it positive or negative, the speed of life is a time gobbling reality and you grapple with it from the time you wake up until you go to bed at night.

"It takes both a certain mindset as well as living by real success principles to achieve great things."

Although we each struggle with the responsibilities associated with living life at a high speed, we also enjoy the many benefits that come from being a highly productive and aspiring leader.

Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of LifeStrategic Acceleration was written to be a “spur” to every leader out there, and to remind him or her that successful businesses and successful people know what they want and are willing to do whatever it takes (within the boundaries of integrity and honor) to get it.

Strategic Acceleration is based on three driving principles, which include:

  1. Clarity - acquiring clarity and increasing effectiveness accelerate your success.
  2. Focus - you need to develop habits to fully focus and produce long-term success.
  3. Execution - executing your vision means combining all of your clarity and focus to strategically communicate and achieve results.

Jeary takes the reader step-by-step through the process of gaining clarity by teaching us to understand our targets and the “why’s” behind reaching them.

In terms of focus, we discover how to concentrate on what really matters and filter out what does not. We also learn how to better execute as a result of using effective communication in order to accomplish more, faster.

Procrastination is a topic that is tackled head-on in Strategic Acceleration. Jeary does a great job of distinguishing between being thoughtful versus plain lazy.

We all know that you can’t produce results until you start doing something. Doing nothing will only result in... nothing. Therefore, we’d better understand how human nature works in order to minimize the damage that is caused from procrastination.

"This book gives you powerful tools and techniques for thinking and action that will enable you to get more done, faster and easier than you ever thought possible."
- Brian Tracy

Jeary educates us to the common causes of procrastination. Many can rationalize putting something off until later thinking; “I can do it tomorrow”; “I don’t have everything I need, so I’ll wait.”; “I don’t’ have the time.” or “Someone else can do it better.”

With laser beam precision, the author calls out these comments for what they are, flimsy excuses. The title of this chapter says it all. “Production Before Perfection”.

p>In order to effectively turn the focus away from reasons why something can’t or should not be done, we must teach and coach our team to instinctively focus on ‘starting’, rather than on just the end result.

By starting, we immediately put into motion the first step, which then requires a second, and so on.

"Forever change the way you think about getting results and increase your effectiveness in all you do."

As we do this over and over, we create a culture that appreciates those who repeatedly take the initiative. Few will argue that it is initiative that will continue to win you the advantage in the competitive marketplace.

Lastly, readers are treated to exercises that help to create detailed action plans for developing Clarity, Focus and Execution.

Here's what a couple experts had to say about "Strategic Acceleration".

"This book will impact the way you think about results and the way you go about achieving them."
- Zig Ziglar, Best Selling Author

We encourage our readers to add Strategic Acceleration – Succeed at the Speed of Life, to your personal leadership library.

Author Bio:

Tony Jeary, has been and continues to be the coach to the world’s top CEO’s and high achievers for more than 20 years. An advisor to many, Tony Jeary has invested his life and career in helping others discover new ways to maximize their effectiveness, in business and life.

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"You will find the key to success under the alarm clock."

- Benjamin Franklin

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