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360 Degree Feedback Leadership Assessment

Receive a free paper-and-pencil 360 degree feedback leadership tool for assessing leadership development needs.

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Sample Introduction

Thank you for agreeing to help assess the leadership behavior of [INSERT ASSESSEE NAME].

By doing so, you will provide this fellow organizational member with valuable feedback on his/her leadership development training needs.

The primary goal of this leadership assessment program is to improve our organization’s leadership. We appreciate your assistance in performing this vital task.

Free 360 Degree Feedback Leadership Assessment

We are distributing these copies of this tool to this person’s superiors, subordinates, and peers for completion.

By surveying up, down, and across (360 degrees), we can provide leaders/participants with information unobtainable from conventional assessment instruments.

Unlike some other leadership skill training and assessment tools, this activity is totally anonymous – we will not ask you for any personal information, including whether or not you are a supervisor, subordinate, or a peer.

The authors of this tool believe that anonymity facilitates honest, objective, and user-friendly feedback. As you will note, we do not include space for written comments. The authors have observed that a single written comment often serves as a major distraction from the needs-analysis process.

Sample Instructions

  1. For each behavioral scale, please circle the bullet that best reflects the behavior of [INSERT ASSESSEE NAME].


Thinks long-term


Thinks short-term

In this instance, the assessor thought that the person being assessed spends somewhat more time thinking short-term than long term.

If the evaluator had thought the individual being assessed spent about the same amount of time thinking short and long term, the evaluator would have circled the middle bullet.

A key to successful completion of this tool is to read each behavioral scale closely and then go with your first impression.

If you encounter a scale covering behavior that you have not had the opportunity to observe, simply skip that scale.

  1. In a sealed envelope, return the completed 360 Degree Feedback Leadership form to:


Thank you!

SAMPLE: 360 Degree Leadership Survey:

360 Degree Feedback Leadership Survey

360 Degree Feedback Leadership

Category #1 - Strategy

Thinks long-term
Thinks short-term
Lacks a vision for her/his organization
Has a vision for her/his organization
Spends time setting the direction for her/his organization
Spends time fighting fires and resolving crises

360 Degree Feedback Leadership

Category #2 - Communication

Is a good communicator
Is a poor communicator
Is cloistered

Is out and about in the organization
Communicates well with other organizations
Communicates poorly with other organizations
Tends to be non-communicative
Communicates frequently

360 Degree Feedback Leadership

Category #3 - Knowledge

Has a deep-rooted understanding of the functions of her/his organization
Does not try to understand the functions of her/his organization
Does not understand functions of other organizations
Understands functions of other organizations
Is "close to the business"
Is not "close to the business"
Takes the narrow view
Takes the broad view

360 Degree Feedback Leadership

Category #4 - Learning

Is curious
Isn’t interested/doesn’t have time
Resists change
Promotes change
Is a quick study
Is a slow, deliberate study

360 Degree Feedback Leadership

Category #5 - Influence

Gets support
Fails to get support
Doesn’t know how to sell
Knows how to sell
Gets people on board
Fails to get people on board
Motivates people
Fails to motivate people
Is dictatorial
Is democratic
Is unassertive
Is assertive

360 Degree Feedback Leadership

Category #6 - Relationships

Does not talk to people

Talks to people
Is a good listener
Is a poor listener
Is good interpersonally
Is poor interpersonally
Is unable to deal with people
Is able to deal with people
Does not interact with people enough
Interacts with people

360 Degree Leadership

Category #7 - Delegation

Is a good delegator
Is a poor delegator
Is detail-oriented
Is big picture-oriented
Is a nitpicker
Is not a nitpicker
Deals with the important issues
Deals with inconsequential detail
Is a doer
Is a delegator

360 Leadership Survey

Category #8 - Priorities

Is able to prioritize
Is unable to prioritize

360 Degree Feedback Leadership

Category #9 - Integrity

Has integrity
Lacks integrity
Isn’t trusted
Is trusted
Is overly political
Is political only as needed
Takes responsibility for self
Blames others
Admits mistakes
Doesn’t admit mistakes
Is honest, credible

Is dishonest, lacks credibility

360 Feedback Leadership

Category #10 - Confidence

Is insecure
Is secure
Has guts
Has no guts
Is unwilling to make enemies
Is willing to make enemies
Is decisive
Is indecisive
Communicates confidence
Communicates fears
Is unwilling to make the tough decisions
Is willing to make the tough decisions

Please return the survey to [insert administrator’s name and address] by [insert date].

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