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Resource allocation for employee goal setting is very important. Our Goal Setting For Success tool just the right tool to assist you in setting goals for your team. In the following information, you'll learn how to create and maintain a valuable library of goal setting resources and leadership tools.

"Improve your odds of success by using the very best tools.”

So what exactly is it going to take for you to be successful? For starters, you must realize that your success journey is an ongoing process. Because the proces involves life-long learning, you should work to develop a system for collecting a whole host of helpful tools and resources.

Earlier in this goal setting guide, we encouraged you to use our free Life Balance tool to identify your most important life categories. I firmly believe this one tool is a must-have in your most valuable library of resources.

"The more you learn, the greater your chances for personal and professional success in your goal setting efforts."

This one tool can act as a central site for your other important individual and employee goal setting plans. It offers you a results-focused checkpoint for assessing where you are on your goal setting journey.

When you use the Life Balance tool in partnership with our Master Action Plan (M.A.P.) tool you receive the following benefits:

  • Identifies your life purpose and keeps your purpose central in every action taken throughout the process.
  • Walks you through each life category to determine your current state and your future destination.
  • Teaches time management skills to help you create the time necessary to achieve your commitments and goals.
  • Engages and motivates you to take action daily by views your goals often. This also inspires you to turn those commitments into reality.
  • Helps you change the way you see yourself with each small step toward success. You'll soon be looking into the "Magic Mirror" and see your best self.
  • Reminds you that you are not shaped by your circumstances or your previous failures. Only you have the power to shape your own destiny!

Whether you choose to use our free tools for goal setting or some other product, the important thing is that you care actively planning your goals and establishing a path for success in your life.

Don't take this lightly. You MUST have a goal setting program for managing your life. Isn't it time to develop a scheduled plan of action?

Understand the reasons behind your ambitions and identify the resources you need to achieve success using Zig Ziglar's goals program, Strategies for Success: The Goals Program.

Watch this insightful DVD with your entire team. The individual and employee goal setting advice is priceless. After viewing the program you'll fully appreciate the statement "If you have dreams, then you need a goal setting system to reach those dreams."

Success Lesson #17: Are You A Mixer?

"No man really lives by himself alone.
He is a branch of the great human vine."

- Marden

A person is strong in direct proportion to the quantity, the quality, and the variety of forces, which he absorbs from others.

He is powerful in proportion to the extent of his contact, socially, mentally, and morally, with others he aspires to become. He is a weakling just in proportion as he cuts himself off from others.

The person who mixes with his peers and neighbors is ever on a voyage of discovery, finding new islands of power in him, which would have remained forever hidden, but for his association with others.

Remember, as part of your individual or employee goal setting activities, every man or woman you meet has some secret for you to benefit from, if only you can extract it; something that you never knew before; something that can help you along your way to realizing your dreams.

We forget that a large part of our achievement is due to the kindness and caring of others. They push us to sharpen our skills. They radiate hope and optimism and they let us know that they believe in us.

"You cannot avoid becoming a product of your environment and a reflection of the people you associate with, so choose your friends and vocation wisely."

Try always to associate with people who are in a higher place than you and you will naturally gravitate toward their positions. Observe and soak in their culture and their habits of self-improvement.

This will tend to raise your own ideals, to inspire you to higher things, to make a greater effort to be somebody yourself.

Seizing opportunities to associate with people who bring out the best in you instead of the worst must be a part any individual or employee goal setting plan. This is worth far more to us than any opportunity just to make money. It increases a hundred fold our power to develop noble characters.

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"The way of the world is meeting people through other people."

- Robert Kerrigan

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