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Should a goal setting presentation remain private? Our Goal Setting For Success tool answers this question and more. In the following information, you'll learn how to best communicate your goals to the world.

"Proclaim your goals loudly and proudly to the world!”

Some goals will be very personal in nature and you will want to keep those to yourself, or only disclose information to people that are very close to you; preferably only those who you know and trust completely.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" - Anais Nin

However, for the most part it is a very good idea to share your goals with the outside world. Every time you tell someone that you are committed to a particular goal, it will strengthen your resolve to follow though.

In other words, when we make our goals public, we gain leverage on ourselves to do that which we have said we will do.

If we do not follow through, then we know that one of the consequences of that will be that people won't believe what we say going forward. In effect, we will lose credibility, our very reputation can be at stake.

Sharing your goal setting presentation in a public way, is a courageous act to be sure. It's a way for you to burn the bridges of possible retreat.

Another important benefit from the public sharing of your goal setting presentation is that you will learn how your friends, family and other acquaintances can assist you in achieving your goals.

One thing you will definitely want to avoid is sharing your goals with anyone who is a pessimist; anyone who will balk at your dreams of success. You simply don't need to hear their negativity so there is no benefit to sharing your goals with anyone of this nature.

Although there can be risk associated with the public display of your goal setting presentation plan, there are far more benefits to proclaiming your goals on a large scale, so proceed accordingly and you'll quickly become more comfortable with being more open to the outside world.

Success Lesson #19: Burn Your Bridges Behind You

"One man or woman with courage, makes a majority."
- Andrew Jackson

When Julius Caesar landed his army in England, he was determined to take no chances of possible retreat. He wanted to show his men that their invasion meant victory or certain death, and he burned all his ships before their eyes.

Like Napoleon, he had the power of final decision which sacrificed every conflicting plan in an instant.

A fitting epitaph for millions of people who have given up too early in the fight for their dreams would read, "Turned back for lack of grit in the hour of discouragement."

We must take the same courage as we make our goal setting presentation plan. When we communicate our plans to the world, they should have no doubt that we are serious and committed to the task.

People often make the mistake, when they start on an important undertaking, of leaving open a way of retreat if things get too hard.

No one can call upon his greatest reserves and do the greatest things possible while he knows full well that if the battle gets too difficult he has a quick line of retreat.

There is a powerful benefit in burning all bridges behind you, in committing yourself so thoroughly to your calling that no discouragement or obstacle can tempt you to turn back.

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- O.S. Marden

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