Goal Setting Worksheet: Simple Goal Planning


Our goal setting worksheet is one important tool used in the Goal Setting For Success guide. In this goal setting article you'll learn how to take a personal inventory, which will help you determine your next move toward achieving your goals.

"Life's ups and downs provide windows of opportunity
to determine your values and goals.”

"Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want. As you work toward achieving your goals be prepared to make detours and adjustments along the way."

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! If you made it this far in our goal setting program, you are obviously committed to making positive change in your life. Research tells us that less than 10% of the people who buy a book on goal setting will actually read it from beginning to end.

Hopefully the results are much higher here because we keep the goal setting process simple and easy to apply.

Clearly, you are one of the small percentage of people committed to taking ownership of your life, and willing to work diligently to produce results that are worthwhile and personally fulfilling. Kudo's to you!

At Leadership-Tools.com, we offer a unique goal setting worksheet tool for you to use as you begin your self-improvement journey. This goal setting worksheet tool can be accessed immediately at no cost at:

Life Balance - Personal Inventory Tool

The Life Balance tool is a great way to begin a full and complete personal inventory of where you are today in each of your most important life categories. By looking closely at each category you'll quickly identify which areas you currently excel in and which areas need closer inspection and investment.

Use this life analysis tool to help identify your true priorties as as you begin the process of establising your goals.

Get away from what most people are doing without even being aware of it. People get so caught up in the process of making a living, they forget that they need to spend equal, if not more, time making a quality life.

The act of planning your life is the one thing that can provide you with clarity. As you achieve each milestone on your goal setting worksheet, you'll become more empowered due to the knowledge that each step is one step closer to meeting your goals and experiencing the success you have planned for yourself.

Success Lesson #14: Have An Effective System

"The aim of all education from kindergarten to the University should be the formation of ones ability to create and maintain an efficient system for a fulfilling life."
- Unknown

There are countless numbers of people in the great army of failures today who, except for some undeveloped skill or talent that was left deficient, might have made a great success out of their life.

If only their parents or teachers had helped them early on to see their own potential and encouraged them to develop themselves as a lifelong habit, or if years later they had themselves began to correct their deficiencies - how different their career might have been.

No matter how well educated or how brilliant you may be in many respects, if you have not the ability to create and maintain an efficient system to maximize your time and your life, you will never reap the full benefits of what this world can offer.

One of the first things a person should do is take a personal inventory of his mental and physical assets. He or she must know and understand what their weaknesses and strengths are comprised of.

"No matter what the circumstances, your end results will be of your own choosing."

She must be fully aware of where she needs improvement or restraint, and where she needs pushing or needs to make additional investments.

After completing a personal assessment and goal setting worksheet, we must judge ourselves with a keen eye. For instance, how is our will power? Is it strong or easily daunted?

Self-confidence, is it healthy with a stern resolve, or is it fake; simply a mask one wears to hide a weaker self? How do we rate in the areas of Courage, Boldness, Caution, Enthusiasm, Temperament, etc?

If you are not honest with yourself, if you haven't enough ambition, energy and will-power to correct your faults, to rise above the things which make you weak and that will so often trip up the unworthy, you must be prepared to accept the consequences.

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"Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever."

- Isak Dinesen

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