Project Management Tool: Project Planning Tips

An effective project management tool can set you back hundreds of dollars if you are not careful. You do not need a slick piece of software in order to ensure project management success.

"It's the leaders job to ensure each project is carefully planned and organized.”

As your business expands and becomes more competitive, you may find it necessary to manage an increasing number of special projects. Unfortunately, the skills associated with successful project management are not always intuitive.

There are many benefits that come from adopting a project management process. These benefits include:

  • Projects require a strong business case to support the time and expense that will be invested. This requires a more thoughtful use of resources.
  • "A successful project manager doesn't wait for the next project to be assigned, he actively identies the need and makes the suggestion to top execs."

  • Project leaders will learn the importance of effectively gathering and documenting details pertinent to each project.
  • Formal projects hold all parties accountable when managed according to an effective project management process. (We provide a free project management tool. See details below.)
  • Track key details for sales management review, including: schedules, budgets, employee performance management and risks — and based on informed decision-making, issues are then addressed based on a specific action plan.

Leaders who understand the value of effective project management always stand out in the crowd. They become key people that are counted on to get things done.

Too often managers just sort of fall into a project, with no real focus or plan for how they will get from point A to point B. They may get the job done, but not at the level of quality or professionalism that could be achieved if they were using a proven project management tool.

Successful project leaders demonstrate incremental progress to their superiors by effectively tracking and reporting the weekly results for all aspects of the project.

These are the leaders that quickly gain the respect of their boss, peers and team members, and build credibility with the top management of the organization.

Isn't it time to become tha key employee in your organization? If so, you can quickly download a PDF file containing our free Project Management tool, courtesy of

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"Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular way. You become just by performing just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions."

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