Ten Key Questions Tool


The Ten Key Questions tool is a perfect exercise for any manager to determine how he or she is perceived in the minds of their employees.

"Employees need just a few simple things in order to be happy in their jobs.”

Without a doubt, those managers who receive positive responses from this activity will experience a more productive workforce.

In addition, once leadership issues are uncovered and properly addressed, employees are more satisfied in their work environment and therefore contribute to a much higher employee retention ratio.

"For the most part people don't quit companies, they quit their manager. Usually an employee departure could have been avoided if the leader only asked a few questions."

Obviously, business organizations whose managers are highly rated in the Ten Key Questions exercise, benefit greatly through a higher degree of customer satisfaction and bottom-line profits.

Great leaders understand that without first satisfying an employee’s basic needs, a manager can never expect the employee to produce a high level of quality performance. Leadership traits of a great leader identifies what motivates each employee and then works to keep the employee focused in a way that works for them.

These basic needs include knowing what is expected at work; being provided with the proper leadership tools, equipment and support to do her work correctly; and, answering her basic questions of self-worth through regular recognition for good work and taking an interest in her career planning and professional development.

Managers are well advised to remember: "Don’t try to put in what was left out; instead draw out what was left in.

Ten Key Questions For Leaders

Managers must hire for the most talented people available with a strong commitment to teach and coach that employee in oder to improve his skill-set for improved performance.

So you may be asking just how does the world's best managers find and retain talented employees? (Isn't this a key question for all of us?)

As you work through the Ten Key Questions tool you'll quickly be able to determine what steps you need to take as a leader to change the working environment so that your employees will want to work hard, produce great results and remain committed to your and the organization.

We encourage you to take advantage of this highly insightful free management assessment tool.

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"Ask questions. Growth is fueled by desire and being actively engaged. Imagine yourself learning throughout your life at the rate of an infant."

- Bruce Mau

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