How To Turn An Unsatisfied Customer Around?

by Terry Ullsperger
(Lincoln, NE)

This is a quote I wrote after hearing other employees complain about calls from angry customers.

"Working with an unsatisfied customer is your greatest opportunity for success in customer service"

I actually enjoy hearing calls when you can help the client to recognize the broader picture and understand that you are truly there to help them.
I enjoy hearing the angry customers voice calm down as they say an appreciative "Thank You" at the end of the call.

The key is to listen first, then work to understand the clients perspective - then help the client to understand the other aspects of the issue.

This approach is by no means 100% effective, but it does work in many situations.

No matter who the caller is, you must strive to approach the client without judgment. This is very difficult because it can be so easy to make assumptions about who the person is and what he is about before really taking the time to see his point of view. If you judge the person right away, and do not take the time to try to first understand the person, then your chances of ending the call is a positive way will be greatly diminished.

This skill takes time to develop, but it's definitely worth the effort. I hope this helps.

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