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Our free example of complaint letter tool provides business leaders with an effective complaint letter template written professionally and with a balanced message.

"Well written complaints are views by the recipient as being helpful.”

Clearly, no one wants to have to take the time to write a letter of complaint. However, sometimes it is necessary in order to complete a project or to receive the response you seek.

"Make no complaint you aren't willing to assist in fixing."

The good news is that with a well-written complaint letter you can achieve the results you seek.

Your complaint should be intended to serve a higher purpose; to help the recipient see another point of view; to remedy an issue for the purpose of moving forward in a more positive way, and making the relationship stronger.

Here are some important points that you need to remember when crafting a complaint letter. These points include:

  • Make your complaint to the person(s) who have the ability to correct the situation for you. As a courtesy, it's good to also copy any other persons who make eventually see your letter. This way, they hear your concerns directly from you, not a third party.
  • State plainly, without emotionally charged wording, without accusations or unfair bias, your reason(s) for making the complaint.
  • Make it clear what you expect in order to remedy the situation. Indicate precisely what the reader can do to address your complaint, and consider providing a timeline by which you need to have those actions completed. (Be certain that your expectations are reasonable and achievable.)
  • Be firm, yet maintain a respectful and professional tone in your letter.

Somewhere in your letter, appeal to the reader to place themselves in your shoes in an effort to help them understand the conditions that frustrate you. In return, let the reader know that you have also made an effort to consider their situation, and the various obstacles and barriers they are facing.

See below for additional key tips in our example of complaint letter template.

Example of Complaint Letter Tips

When writing a formal complaint letter:

  • Allow for Human Error - Remember that most errors are truly made unintentionally. Realize that most businesses and individuals want to do a good job. They want to keep their customers satisfied - it's simply a good business practice.
  • "Leaders must know how to effectively make a complaint that will be viewed as fair and professional."

  • Keep it Short - The complaint letter should be no longer than one page. Stick with the facts only - keep personal judgments or bias out of the discussion.
  • Be Fair and Balanced - State your issues honestly and in a straightforward manner. Include just enough detail to back up your claim and to let the recipient of your complaint clearly understand what you have experienced.
  • Be Firm, Yet Maintain Reasonable Expectations - Always use a respectful tone, avoiding any sort of aggressive or accusatory language.

Our example of complaint letter template can improve the effectiveness of your letter in general. Simply taking a few additional moments up front to refer to the template will save you a great of time overall.

Keep in mind that if the focus of your letter is on a single person, make certain not to make derogatory statements about the company in general. This would simply not be fair to the organization.

Remember what your final goal of your letter is. The goal is to remedy the issue(s) that are causing you frustration, without destroying the relationships whenever possible.

If your letter does not provide the desired outcome, then escalate your concerns to the next level of management. One to two letters usually will provide the proper response.

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