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Chapter Twenty-One

Executive business coaching helps leaders to develop the confidence necessary for effectively leading other people. Leadership skill development ensure improved competence in being a leader that people want to follow.

How can one call himself a leader, unless his goal is to ensure his team succeeds in everything that is expected?

The miracles of civilization have been performed by men and women of great self-confidence, who had an unwavering faith in their power to accomplish any task they accepted.

"If you go to work on your plan with great expectations, your plan will go to work on you and provide great results."

Our world would be centuries behind what it is today had it not been for their grit; their determination; their persistence in finding and making real the thing they believed in.

There is no law by which you can achieve success in anything without expecting it, demanding it, assuming it. There must be a strong, firm, self-faith first, or success will never come. Executive individual coaching will also improve your chance of winning.

There is little room for chance in nature’s world of system and supreme order, advises a notable executive business coaching expert. Everything must have a specific expectation. No matter how great the ability; how large the genius; or how splendid the education, the achievement will never rise higher than the man or woman’s confidence.

"Nothing else will so assist you to accomplish great things as to believe in your own greatness."
- Mirabeau

It must not matter what other people think of you or of your plans. Regardless of whether they call you a visionary, a dreamer, or just plain crazy; you must believe in yourself.

You unwittingly forsake yourself when you lose your confidence. Never allow anybody or any misfortune to shake your firm belief in yourself. You may lose property, reputation or even your good health; but there is always hope for you so long as you maintain a strong faith in yourself.

Executive business coaching experts remind us, “He can who thinks he can, and he can’t who thinks he can’t.” This is an indisputable law of mankind.

If you never lose the gem of self-confidence and always maintain an instinct for pushing forward in life, sooner or later, life will make way for you.

"See that man as an enemy who shakes your faith in yourself, in your ability to do the thing you have set your heart upon doing. For when your confidence is gone, your power is gone."
- Mirabeau

"You can never become your potential giant", says one executive coaching consultant, "if you adopt the vision of mediocrity for yourself; and if you only expect marginal or small gains in your life."

Most people, unfortunately, have been conditioned to think that it was not intended for them to become the best in the world of something; that the good and the beautiful things in life were not designed for them, but were reserved for those uniquely favored by fortune.

"Miracles are performed by those with great confidence."

Being shaped in such an inferior way places a young man or woman at a huge disadvantage in life. It is most likely that anyone afflicted with such poison will go through life possessing that same sense of inferiority, until one day he wakes up and claims superiority as his right.

A man’s confidence measures the height of his possibilities. A stream cannot rise higher than its water source. We must not only believe we can succeed, we must believe it with all our hearts. We must push forward with positive conviction that we deserve; are entitled to; and are destined for success.

The difference between uncertainty and certainty; “I hope to” compared to “I can”; “I’ll try” versus “I will”, - this difference in men measures the distance between weakness and power, mediocrity and excellence, between commonness and superiority.

Executive Business Coaching Activities

  1. Describe two key abilities that you are the greatest and the least confident in doing. If chosen to demonstrate each ability to a large audience, how would you go about preparing?

  2. Explain how you see yourself when presented with something new or awkward to try out or demonstrate. Do you assume you’ll be clumsy and reek of awkwardness or do you grasp hold of the idea immediately and being to envision yourself mastering the challenge? Are you satisfied your natural response and do you feel it serves you well?

  3. Given what you know now from the above executive business coaching information, how might you respond differently the next time you are faced with a difficult opportunity?

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"If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you."

- Jim Rohn

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