Focused for Quality Results
& Peace of Mind

by George Murphy
(Manhattan, NY)

My name is George and I'm currently working as an assistant marketer in an advertising company. We are to getting ready to launch a campaign for this new car product and our boss wants to see as many ideas as possible.

He has stated that he will only choose one idea from those submitted by the eight people in our department.

At first this was an exciting and challenging task, as I quickly had a concept I thought would work.

The problem I ran into was more during the actual preparation stage. I ended up with so many ideas, and I wanted to incorporate all of them, but that ended up getting in the way of finalizing my presentation.

Too many ideas, not enough time.

The presentation is still half-way complete because of the sudden changes in color schemes, materials, and structure. It's been very frustrating, and at one point I even considered quitting the project.

That was about the time I sat back and tried to surf through the net for any possible help. It was then that I stumbled upon your website.

In reviewing your free tools, I came across the free tool “How to Create a Small Business Plan,” sounds irrelevant to my problem at first but curiosity made me keep reading.

As a result, I realized how my work has become unclear, unfocused, and unrealistic - given the short time frame I have to work within. I have decided to stick with the original plan, without all the bells and whistles (which can always be added later).

I am now confident that I can finalize my presentation within the stated deadline.

I’m grateful to experience and learn some valuable lesson on this project: Stick to the original plan and you won’t get lost. Richard’s helpful tools just made me realize that.

Thanks for this gem of a website!

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& Peace of Mind

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Success Is In The Details
by: Richard Gorham

Hi George,

Great Post! You've discovered what some might even call a 'universal law'. That is, what we 'focus' on, always tends to expand.

In other words, you allowed yourself to get distracted from your real goal - e.g. to get your basic idea/concept written in a form that you could present, before the deadline.

Once you realized this and made the proper adjustment, your focus returned and you were able to move forward fairly rapidly.

Remember folks, nothing quite takes us to our goals more quickly, than 'laser-beam' FOCUS.

NOTE: Special thanks to George for stepping up and being the first reader to submit a personal experience on the topic of business planning. I can't wait to see WHO's GONNA BE NEXT? :-)

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