Free Apology Letter: Business Writing Template

Free Apology Letter: Make Things Right Again


Our free apology letter template helps managers that find themselves in a position of needing to apologize to a client, a peer, or a team member.

"Timing is critical when making a thoughtful and effective apology.”

Experienced leaders understand the importance of making an effective apology as soon as possible after the offense has taken place.

"Making a sincere apology is a test of character, and an example of leadership."

Rather than worry over what has transpired, you should take immediate action to remedy the situation so that both parties can more quickly and effectively move forward. It's time to get on with the important business at hand.

An effective letter of apology is an important part of the "getting on with life" process. Although it is very important to make your apology in person or over the phone, following up with a letter will send a clear signal that you meant every word of your verbal sentiment. Our free apology letter template will help you do this.

Whether you have hurt someone's feeling, missed a deadline, failed to attend a meeting, broken confidentiality, performed your work poorly, offended a customer or produced an inferior product - our free apology letter template will help you to set the record straight for a fresh start.

Apology Letter Tips

Here are some quick tips to ensure success with your apology letter.

  • ACT FAST Move quickly to remedy the situation. Write your apology letter as soon as possible.
  • LEARN Instead of dwelling on the damage done, make a special point to emphasize what you've learned from your error and what you will do differently in the future to avoid any future errors.
  • "Use our apology letter template as a guide, but the words you choose must come from the heart."

  • BREVITY Don't go overboard with your apology. Avoid emotional pleas, begging for forgiveness, etc. Simply make a clear and concise apology letter that will be perceived as heart-felt. No more, no less.
  • OWNERSHIP Your apology letter must be written with the intent to rebuild and repair the damaged relationship. Let the recipient know that you take full ownership of your actions and behavior. By taking responsibility for your actions you make a statement of being honest and professional.
  • REACH OUT Request an opportunity to make the situation right. Ask if you can make it up to the person in some way. Reaching out shows you value the person and you are willing to make an honest effort to rebuild the relationship.

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"Maturity is the ability to reap without apology and not complain when things don't go well."

- Jim Rohn

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