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Our free business plan template and business planning course provides users with detailed inforamtion on the importance of The Financial section of a business plan.

"Well prepared financial data is the key to unlocking a creditor's purse.”

The financials should only be created after you’ve fully researched the market and determined very clear written objectives. During and the next three subsequent pages we will identify and provide instructions for building a current and prospective Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement.

"The continued financial education of a business owner is key to the future financial success of his or her business."

These combined financial statements will be the key measuring stick for your business.

If you own an established business, our free business plan template encourages you to provide historical financial information as part of your future planning.

Most prospective creditors will want to review at least the past three years of financial data. They will be particularly interested in your assets, which will more than likely be held as collateral for the financial request.

Regardless of whether your business already exists or is a startup venture, you will be required to provide financial projections that are firmly supported with historic financials and/or market data.

For the first year in business, banks typically ask for monthly projection statements. For year two, quarterly statements will be acceptable, and then annual statements will suffice for years three through five.

As prospective lenders review your business plan they will be on the lookout for any inconsistencies. It’s always best if you catch your own mistakes before they do; you want to maintain your credibility as an astute businessperson.

Questions that we encourage you to answer in the free business plan template include:

  • Describe the company’s sales and profits trends.
  • Outline your strategy and timing for obtaining additional capital for expansion and/or to meet current needs.
  • Explain any assumptions used in your projections
  • If you have an existing line of credit, provide name of bank, line limit, amount owed and available, and how it is secured.
  • Identify any debt and its purpose that the business and/or owners have guaranteed. Include copies of original notes or contracts signed.
  • Describe the method of financial accounting (cash or accrual); how financial statement are prepared (in-house or outside accountant); is system manual or computerized?
  • Explain any abnormal, nonrecurring, or unusual items on the most current financial statements.
  • Disclose any outstanding claims, charges or pending legal cases that the company or owners are involved in, or are at risk of being involved in.

Finally, key financial ratio information should be provided as part of the business plan. High quality color graphs and charts also add to the professionalism of your business presentation.

Learn more about the free business plan template and The Financial section, by reviewing these free sample business plans.

Business Lesson Plan #17 / Habit of Frugality

"Those who would have dollars must regulate their desires."
- Orison Marden

Frugality is a lesson which every generation teaches anew. Those who become masters in saving create great fortunes in later years. “If you save like no one else today, then you can live like no one else tomorrow.”

Managing money effectively equates to ones desire to manage pain. Imagine the pain associated with scrimping and saving your pennies; while the pain does sting it does not begin to compare to the enormity of pain that goes along with the hammering from hungry creditors.

"A wise money manager never spends the money before he has it in hand."

“A contented mind is a continual feast”; a feast that can never be enjoyed by the unhappy victim of debt. Debt robs men of their strength, ambition and dignity; destroys their peace and tranquility so that is essential to the successful pursuit of an occupation or profession.

The trick or carefully avoided 'secret' that most people ignore is to make your income, no matter how small it may be, the boundary line of your expenses.

There are no men or women who have achieved success to any great extent who were careless and extravagant about his or her expenditures. It shows a lack of mental and financial discipline; a lack of system or process, which makes way for quick failure.

The habit of financial frugality is key to the success of your business as well as in your personal life.

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"Your financial life is like a garden. If you tend a garden carefully, nourishing the flowers, pruning, and weeding, it's going to be a lot more beautiful than if you just water it half-heartedly now and then."

- Suze Orman

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