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Quality coaching is an important way to grow leadership and supervision training skills.  Whether it’s from a mentor or professional coach, soliciting feedback and being open to that feedback is central to targeting areas for improvement.

leadership and supervision training

Developing and benefiting from any type of leadership and supervision training requires commitment and effort.  The extent to which you are committed to devoting the necessary energy, time and resources into learning will determine your success or failure.

Related to commitment is the recognition from the start that change is not only possible, but also desirable and achievable.

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Obtaining a personal coach is one high-impact option being employed by many leaders. Even great leaders know there is always room for improvement - you can always be better!

Perhaps you’ve tried other leadership and supervision training options, but now you’ve decided that you are going to take the leap and hire a professional coach to help you realize your goals.

Terrific, but now you’re faced with the daunting task of picking a coach or training resource.

One resource you may consider is located at CoachFederation.org, which is the web site for The International Coach Federation (IFC), a professional organization for coaches.

IFC has countless resources, including a member directory and they offer the following advice when searching for a coach:

  • Research.  Educate yourself about coaching by reading articles on the topic – a quick search will give you a wide variety to investigate.
  • Before working with a coach, take the time to know your objectives. What do you want to accomplish by working with a professional coach?
  • Explore your options by interviewing at least three coaches before you decide on one. Be sure to ask them about their background, qualifications, skill sets, and ask for at least two references each.
  • Coaching is an important relationship and you should feel a positive connection between you and the coach.
  • Look for a leadership and supervision training coach that specializes in your field of expertise, but remember that a coach isn’t there to run your life or solve all of your problems – he/she is simply a guide, a sounding board and an advisor. Ultimately the decisions you make are still yours.

You always have the choice of taking what a coach says to heart or simply discarding any advice that you don’t agree with.

You may not always like what your coach has to say but you must remember that they are not there to be your best friend. You will need to keep an open mind to any feedback they provide.

If you’re asking yourself “How will I know if it’s working?” – don’t worry, you’ll know. A good coach will make sure you are tracking to measurable results. You should be making progress towards your goals and as time goes on you should feel more positive about your future.

A good leadership and supervision training coach will facilitate growth and dynamic change. You’ll improve performance and the quality of your life will be enhanced.

Through mutual trust, collaboration and respectful communication – “your state of mind” and “state of being” will be positively impacted.

If you don’t see progress, or aren’t impressed with the speed at which you are realizing small successes, you always have the option of getting a new coach – but don’t give up on coaching completely. Simply keep looking for the coach that you will learn the most from.

An experienced and professional coach can help you get where you want to be, you just have to be willing to work hard, listen, and be open to new ideas and experiences. 

Let your coach lead you to some place you’ve never been before - and enjoy the journey!

Coaching is an important leadership and supervision training tool being used by successful leaders all over the world and it’s one option worth consideration if you’re truly dedicated to growing your skill-set as a leader.

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