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Our letter resignation sample template was created to assist people with notifying their employer that they have decided to resign their position and leave the company.

"A thoughtful response is always better than an emotional reaction.”

Leaving a job can be an extremely emotional and highly volatile process. Often times a person resigns in an emotional reaction to something they find distressing. Avoid making a decision to resign when emotions are high.

It's ALWAYS better to make choices of this magnitude when you are calm and thinking straight.

"Give at least 2 weeks notice and offer to transition your duties to others in a professional manner."

In the best of circumstances, you want to leave a job without burning any bridges. You never know when your past can once again play a part in determining your future. So be careful and make smart choices in what and how you say things - verbally as well as written.

Never write a resignation letter as a way to vent your frustrations or place others on trial. Be professional at all times. Pointing the finger at others will only be perceived as you not being capable of effectively coping with workplace issues.

If you are angry or feel that you've been treated unfairly, calmly address your concerns with your boss, an HR representative or someone in higher authority, or as a last resort contact a legal representative.

As much as you want to tell your story, don't forget to listen to their advice and be open to reconsidering how you could have done things differently. Look for solutions.

Remember, although you may never dream of considering it, one day you may wish to return to the organization you are leaving. Never say never. Doing so could end up being a major mistake.

Keep in mind that future prospective employers may call your prior boss for reference information. Your peers will be observing the way in which you left your job and you may wish to network with them down the road.

You must know that it's always in your best interest to remain professional, maintain your dignity and keep your wits about you throughout the resignation process.

Using our letter resignation sample you will keep your doors open and not burn any bridges that you may need to cross sometime in the future.

More Letter Resignation Sample Tips

Here are a few additional things to remember prior to submitting a resignation letter.

  • Be sure to collect contact information of your co-workers, business associates and any other parties that you may wish to network with at a later date. This information can be invaluable in your future journey. These contacts may also play a major role in helping you acquire a new position.
  • Whenever possible, it's always a much smarter move to know where you will be going before you quit your current job. Getting a job with another organization is almost always easier when you are currently employed. It's easier to negotiate salary and benefit issues as well, so don't be in too much of a rush to quit.
  • Understand that while it's highly unlikely, future employers may very well get to read your resignation letter if you have a past supervisor who doesn't follow the rules of employment. This is particularly of concern when you are dealing with small mom & pop type businesses. This is just one more reason to keep it simple and remain professional at all times.
  • Do your utmost to leave in good graces, maintain good relationships whenever possible - life's just too short not to do this.
  • "Always resign in person, with letter in hand. Be simple, polite and respectful."

  • Make an effort in your letter of resignation to honor your employer and your teammates - it's the right thing to do and it shows class on your part.
  • If possible, state one or two key accomplishments that you are particularly proud of that took place during your tenure. Be subtle as you highlight how you were instrumental in this key achievement.
  • After completing your resignation letter, set it down and walk away from it for at least 24 hours. Take time to digest your decision. Allow yourself time to wear this very important choice. Picture yourself without your current job. Answer your fears about leaving. Clearly understand what your "next steps" will be as soon as you notify your employers of your decision to resign.
  • Make certain that your letter of resignation is free of any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Use our letter resignation sample template to work through the entire process so that in the end you will be at peace with your decision.

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"Be ready and able to resign. It will improve your value to the President and do wonders for your performance."

- Donald Rumsfeld

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