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Chapter 10

All of the life coaching tips included in this series are important for a successful career. This chapter focuses on why it is so vital that you develop the habit of being accurate in all that you do. Doing things once, and doing things right the first time, is a leadership trait that should be highly valued.  


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If you design a better product and deliver better service than your competitor, even despite a poor location, the world will beat a path to your door. When you command everything of yourself when creating your product, the value of that product is greatly increased because people value quality.

When a person once asked him to repair a watch upon which his name was fraudulently engraved, Tampion smashed it with a hammer, and handed the astonished customer one of his own master-pieces, saying, “Sir, here is a watch of my making.” Tampion now rests in Westminster Abbey, because of the accuracy of his work.

“Make me as good a hammer as you know how,” said a carpenter to the New York blacksmith. “As good as I know how?” asked David Maydole doubtfully, “you may not wish to pay for one made a good as I know how to make.”

“Yes, I do,” Exclaimed the carpenter, “I want a good solid hammer that I can count on.”

Maydole presented the man with probably the best hammer ever made, complete with vast improvements in the eyes of the carpenter. The carpenter gladly paid his price and boasted to his companions of his great prize.

"Character is power, and is the best advertisement in the entire world."

They all came to the shop the very next day to order their own quality hammer. The contractor even came by and requested a hammer that possessed even greater qualities as the one ordered by his men, which sparked the reply, “Sir, I can’t make any better hammer. When I make a thing, I make it as well as I can, no matter whom it is for.”

Gilpin once said, "I hate a thing done by halves. If it be right, do it boldly; if it be wrong, leave it undone."

“I don’t try to see how cheap a machine I can produce, but how good a machine,” said the late John C. Whitin, a famous manufacturer. 

An eminent writer shared the following life coaching tips with his students, "Whatever you intend to do should be done with your best care, strength, and faithful purpose. That which seems trivial to many may be the difference between success and failure, possibly even life and death - so be true to your aim.”

There is really only one true failure in life that is possible for any man or woman, and that is to not be true to the best effort one knows how to exert. 

“If you make a good hairpin,” said a successful manufacturer, “you will earn more than if you make a bad steam-engine.”

Carelessness, indifference and laziness are all words that could easily be written on the tombstones of thousands who have failed in life. How may clerks, cashiers, scholars, or clergymen have lost their position and prestige by carelessness and inaccuracy!

Life coaching tips on the subject of accuracy cannot be ignored if you wish to succeed. The accurate employee is always the favored one. Those who employ people do not wish to be on the constant lookout for rogues or fools. Employers value competency.

"Accuracy means character and character is power."

You cannot afford to forget life coaching tips like the following: The true demand for perfection is overwhelming. To be considered great by the masses, simply do one thing better than anyone else on the planet.

Your attention to detail is the same as writing your signature on a legal document. Your work is your promise for what people can expect from you as a rule. We must all strive for accuracy as we would do for wisdom. We must promise through our daily deeds the quality that all shall come to expect.

Careless and indifferent habits will soon ruin any man or woman seeking employment. Nearly every successful person is accurate and will not compromise for any sum of money.  

"The golden rule for every businessman is this: Put yourself in your customer's place."

- Orison Swett Marden

Life Coaching Tips and Activities

Complete the following exercises...

  1. Describe an instance in your life where greater accuracy would have made a difference in your decision-making. Explain how well you typically research the material you base your decisions on. After a decision is made are you surprised to learn about something previously unknown?Are you genuinely pleased with the typical outcome of your decisions?

  2. Explain what pains you take to ensure accuracy in the information you process or pass along to others. When you do a job, is it typically finished or does it often come back to you for additional fine-tuning? Are you satisfied with the results you receive and/or provide?

  3. The rewards of being accurate in your work are plentiful. Accuracy is one of several life coaching tips provided here that assists leaders in becoming more successful. Given what you know now do you believe you would benefit by placing more emphasis on the art of doing things once and doing them right the first time?  How can you help your team to do the same? 

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