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Our sample condolence letter template provides managers with an effective way to demonstrate thoughtfulness and caring to employees and clients in a professional manner.

"For some moments in life, there are no perfect words.”

One of the most difficult kinds of letters to write is one of sympathy for the loss of a loved one. Leaders can serve a larger purpose to their employees when tragedy strikes.

"Tragedy strikes everyone during life. Leaders are there to pick people up!"

While there are many common tips that can be useful to a leader as she prepares to send a sympathy card or letter of condolence, the most important thing to remember is that there is a human element involved here that may override the employee's ability to maintain a totally calm and professional emotional state.

Managers need to afford employees the time necessary to grasp the total weight of their loss and to allow the employee room to deal with their emotions.

In preparation, you can utilize our sample condolence letter template to properly put your thoughts on paper.

Keep the following tips in mind as you prepare to express your sympathy to someone who has recently suffered a loss:

  • If true, quickly note how you admired and respected the deceased.
  • Talk briefly, a couple sentences, about the person's memorable talents and achievements.
  • Balance your words carefully, remain professional while providing a personal tone. This can be tricky since a condolence letter tends to be personal in nature.
  • Understand that the mourner is in an emotional state, probably tired and drained of energy from the recent loss, so keep your comments brief.
  • Offer your willingness to be of assistance to the mourner, and be prepared to step up and follow through should a need arise.
  • Remember that you are acting as a representative of your organization so do not make religious statements.
  • Be respectful of the person's feelings. Consider using words that would mean the most to you if the roles were reversed.

Sample Condolence Letter Writing Tips

The personal encouragement from an employer or team leader at a time when the employee is dealing with a difficult situation can be a major opportunity to connect and build trust with that employee.

"Times of crisis can bring out the best in us. It's a time for leaders to shine!"

Words of support and understanding are extremely powerful in these types of circumstances.

A sympathy card or letter of condolence provides the employee with something concrete that they can share and keep as a reminder of all those who where there to support them during their time of personal crisis.

Managers are encouraged to take a few extra moments to hand write their note. Handwritten notes are always appropriate in times of sorrow and sadness. Hand writing the note maintains a personal touch to the sympathy card or letter of condolence.

We encourage you to make use of our easy reference sample condolence letter template, which is just one in a collection of business writing templates available for free download.

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"We must embrace pain and use it as fuel for our journey."

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