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Our sample introduction letter template is one more business writing tool that is included in our free Business Letter Templates Tool, available as a free download.

"There's no buying back a first introduction, so prepare well.”

A well prepared letter of introduction is a great way to get your foot in the door to begin building a solid relationship with the intended party.

Your letter should be well thought out as this will be your vehicle for making a powerful, and hopefully positive, first impression.

"A successful introduction is when you talk more about the person you are meeting that about yourself."

A good letter of introduction needs to be brief, friendly and personalized to the specific person you wish to contact.

In most cases the sender wishes to create some sort of partnership with the recipient. Therefore, you are well advised to be highly respectful of the recipient's possible time restraints.

Make it easy for the recipient to say yes to your offer. Make it easy for the recipient to see the mutual advantage of meeting with you to discuss your proposal in greater detail.

Since you are introducing yourself and your organization, it's wise to begin by letting the recipient know how you were able to identify them as a person of interest.

Let them know that you've done your homework and that based on your initial research, you believe that it would be in the person's best interest to meet with you.

You must provide information in your letter that is useful and that makes the customer feel well respected and highly valued. Our sample introduction letter template will assist you in achieving this goal.

Sample Introduction Letter Tips

When using our sample introduction letter template to introduce a new product or service, be sure to spell out the benefits of the product or service.

Don't make the mistake of focusing the content of your letter on the various features as these features may not mean a thing to your customer.

Focusing on how the customer will benefit from the product or service is key to your success.

"A simple introduction may lead to valuable business relationship that lasts for decades."

Be sure to provide enough information so that your customer can quickly verify your claims. Customer reviews of your product or service, and testimonials from satisfied clients, are also excellent references to include.

Remember, most prospective customers receive product solicitations almost daily. Yours needs to quickly get their attention, and be done in a way that evokes emotion from the reader.

In other words, appeal to their senses. Help them to visualize themselves using your product or service and receiving the utmost satisfaction from doing so. Use illustrations to help in this manner.

Offer special discounts and/or free samples, backed by a full no questions asked money back guarantee if not completely satisfied - take away the risk element to ensure maximum positive response.

Get started today and take advantage of our free sample introduction letter. It's really quite a simple process so long as you have a quality business writing template to utilize.

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