Upcoming Team Building Event

by Heather Jackson
(Miami, Florida)

Hi Richard! I work as an Accounting Supervisor for a Finance Company in Miami and every six months my boss has our entire staff participate in an outdoor team building activity.

As a department head, it is my duty to provide ideas for activities for the program. I have to say, it's not been an easy task for me in the past.

Having to lead 20 people, with the goal of having everyone participate in the event and leave feeling more motivated and encouraged, can be quite intimidating for me.

Your free team building activities and exercises will be my saving grace for the upcoming event. I can already see that it can be just the simplest things that can make an activity fun and impactful.

I've got so much to learn about the mechanics of team building and helping others on our team to connect and work more in cooperation with one another. But I'm steadily making progress.

I just wanted to let you know how much your free tools are appreciated and how much more confident I feel as a result of the information you provide.

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Team Building Secret
by: Richad Gorham

Heather, thanks so much for the note. Sounds like you are now off to a great start.

By the way, a little secret I learned a long time ago in regards to team building is that it's not so much about the games you play or the activities you lead.

Rather, the secret to developing and maintaining a strong team-oriented workforce is all about "engagement".

Bringing your team together in an environment where they have to interact and work toward a common goal is truly the building blocks to a strong foundation.

Every member of the team must be engaged in the activity, just as they must be engaged in the workplace. I always like to say, "Everyone gets to participate. No one gets the luxury of opting out."

Our team building activites and exercises certainly will help you in this effort, but realize that there are endless types of activities you can employ. The key is to get your people talking, planning, playing, interacting, having fun and working together.

Do that, and your events will always be successful. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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