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Use our balance sheet example template, which is available as a free download. Discover how you can access this free balance sheet template. No need to spend money on fancy software.

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Business owners must understand how to read and interpret their Balance Sheet. The balance sheet provides a manager or potential investor with a snapshot of an organization for a single point in time.

"As the old saying goes, 'The numbers don't lie', therefore you'd better know what your numbers are telling you."

For instance, if the date listed on the Balance Sheet of the financial statement says 'January 30, 2011', you can be certain that the numbers provided are only accurate on that specific date, not a day after or a day before as numbers will fluctuate continuously.

Many times business analysts overlook the importance of the balance sheet. Instead, they tend to focus more on the Income Statement because they are most interested in actual earnings rather than a simple listing of assets and liabilities.

While earnings are of the utmost importance, one needs to review all of the available financial data in order to complete a proper analysis to determine the overall fitness of the organization.

The best way to remember the balance sheet is that when you subtract all liabilities from the assets, the difference is the equity or net worth of the company. Net worth reflects the strength of the company. Capital represents the level of financial options available to any organization.

A large net worth will always trump a low net worth. A high net worth also equates to lower risk to the business.

This particular financial statement is called a balance sheet because each side of the report MUST balance. The actual formula is , Assets = Liabilities + Equity

On the left side, our balance sheet example lists the following:

  • Current Assets = These include cash, accounts receivable and any asset that can rapidly be converted into cash.
  • Non-Current Assets = Examples include property, equipment and other long-term assets that could take more time to convert to cash.
  • Other Assets = The goodwill of the company, it's name and reputation - these have a value and are a good example of other types of assets.

On the right hand side, our balance sheet example lists the liabilities and equity in this order:

  • Current Liabilities = These include all liabilities that are due for payment by the company within the next 12 months.
  • Non-Current Liabilities = Examples would include any amount of existing debt which will not become due for payment within the next 12 months.
  • Equity = This is the difference between total assets and liabilities. Equity may also state value of common or preferred stock, and/or retained earnings.

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Business Lesson Plan #18 / Management As An Asset

"In the field of observation, chance favors the prepared mind."
- Louis Pasteur

Many years ago, the President of Bradstreet’s, the late Charles F. Clark was quoted as saying, “The structure of our society is based on the confidence of the consumer. We could have no civilization were it not for the fact that millions of men and women in the past were deemed worthy of credit by their fellow countrymen.”

"Good intentions alone do not make for a good reputation. You must earn it daily."

“I would like to say,” continues Mr. Clark, “as strongly as possible to every young business person, that one of the chief aims of your daily work should be to strengthen your reputation for quality and honesty.”

Good intentions must be paired with true ability in order to carry out your claims. You must continually prove your ability; turn your promises into successful results and routinely meet or exceed your business obligations.

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