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Business Development Plan Software or Not?


Business development plan software can be helpful in creating a business plan, but it's not a necessity. Our free business planning course also provides you with what you need to know. Next, you'll learn the importance of The Market Analysis section of a business plan.

"Don't fear competition, for it is what forces you to become better.”

The Market Analysis illustrates your knowledge about the industry you are competing in. In this section you will want to present facts and corresponding conclusions based on your market research data.

"COMFORT is not the objective in a visionary company. Progress depends on people facing fear and discomfort."

This key section of your business plan should include a complete industry description and industry forecast; key target market information; market testing results and an introduction to your major competitors.

Industry Description & Forecast

Describe your primary industry. Provide detail on the size of the industry and it’s historic rate of growth. List any important trends that you’ve noticed. Explain the life cycle of the industry and project the future rate of growth. Describe the customer base for your product or service.

Target Market

It’s very important to know who your primary target market is. If you don’t know your target market you haven’t done your research. Most important is narrowing your target market to the group(s) that you plan to court and manage for your particular product or service.

In this section be sure to include any distinguishing characteristics of your target market such as size, market share, pricing targets, marketing opportunities to reach your target customers, and any trends or potential changes that might impact your primary target group.

Market Test

Provide specific results of any market tests have you have conducted in planning your business. Business development plan software may go into more detail on this section, but in general you can provide information on who you contacted and what information you gained as a result of the test.

Tests might be related to pricing of your product or service or how you’ve analyzed the desires of your prospective customers.

Who Is The Competition?

Briefly identify who your primary and secondary competitors are. This provides a smooth transition to the competitive analysis.

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Business Lesson Plan #5 /Respect The Competition

"The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand."
- Sun Tzu

People who have had the good fortune to remain in business over an extended period of time understand how important it is to cultivate a respectful dialogue with the competition.

We must learn to foster a spirit of fair-mindedness, tolerance and even generosity toward our competitors. Doing so makes us better because we are able to learn more about the person we are competing against.

"Focus your team inward on building the finest company possible. Period."

There is no reason in the world for a business owner to speak harshly about a peer in the industry. Our character cannot afford to let friendly rivalry degenerate into treacherous warfare, petty selfishness or foolish pride.

Let the superiority of your character and product or service be what advances you in business. Unfortunately, this is not something covered in great detail in most business development plan software products. But rest assured, the world always looks down with contempt upon the one who attempts to build himself up by pulling others down.

In contrast, the world always admires quality and fair-dealing.

Securing the habit of thinking generously and kindly of others tends to transform your life into a more fulfilling experience.

Great business leaders in the past did not the technology we enjoy today. Take advantage of the information provided by business development plan software if you feel the need to expand your knowledge using the only business planning product we recommend.

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"A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power."

- Brian Tracy

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