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Small Business free plan template; a business planning course for aspiring leaders. In the following information, you'll learn the importance of the Appendix section of a business plan.

"Protecting what makes your business unique is key to increasing marketshare.”

The appendix section of your business should only be provided to prospective business partners on an as-needed basis. The appendix section should never be included without the owner first determining that it is imperative that this section be provided to the reader.

"There is no development physically or intellectually without effort and careful planning to protect and maintain a competitive advantage."

The information provided in the appendix of your business plan document can be considered highly confidential because it supplies the reader with important supporting documentation and information about the organization. This information should be considered as proprietary and confidential.

Your business plan is a tool for you to communicate your investment and resource needs. Due to the fact you are looking for investors, the business plan may be seen by a great number of people. Therefore, the appendix information should be held closely for only those most serious and committed business partners and investors.

Certainly, creditors at some point may request supporting documentation and you need to supply this information upon request in order to maintain the relationship, but the appendix information does not need to be shared freely for just anyone to view.

Some of the highly sensitive supporting documentation that may be included in the appendix as part of our business free plan template includes:

  • Credit information, history for both personal and business
  • Personal resumes with background information on high level managers and business owners
  • Product research data (cutting edge research and development secrets)
  • Personal and professional letters of reference
  • Market testing data
  • Licenses, permits, patents, trademark information, etc.
  • Legal documentation including supplier contracts, land contracts, etc.
  • Copies of bill of sale, leases, etc.
  • List of business network contacts; consultants, attorney and accountant, etc.

Business owners and executives must closely control any and all copies of the business plan and supporting documentation. Maintain a concise distribution list of all who have been provided a copy of your plan. This will also allow you great ease in distributing any updates you make to your plan.

Always include a private placement disclaimer with your business plan if you are seeking to use the business plan for the main purpose of raising money.

Our small business free plan template is a great tool to get you started on developing a formal business plan. Just remember that you need to maintain control over any proprietary information that is critical to the future success of your business.

Business Plan Lesson #21 / Stay Current

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
- Thomas Edison

Many who utilize our business free plan template tool do so in an effort to grow and expand their business. Business owners often seek funding to upgrade their equipment and gain greater efficiencies through improved technology.

"The successful merchant sees that those who attain the highest success are the most progressive, the most aggressive and up-to-date in every aspect of their business."

Successful business owners understand that their competitors know the reason why keeping up with times is so important. They know that this is a progressive age we live in, where a majority of people want to patronize the most modern and unique establishments.

A reputation of being out-of-date; behind the times, no matter what your business or profession – will soon make itself felt through loss of income. Your patrons will eventually leave you to enjoy the advancements in the marketplace that are offered elsewhere.

Detours from a competitive focus should actively be avoided. Every year will bring new changes in the requirements of your business to remain competitive and on the cutting-edge.

Leaders who anticipate change and are ready to meet these challenges head-on will enjoy the blessings of a growing business.

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