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Chapter Fourteen

Business leadership coaching dictates that a successful leader will fail many times, but never gives up. His persistence and resolute spirit keep him pushing to the front.

"There is something inspiring about a person who fails after doing his best, and then re-enters the game a second and third time with undaunted courage and re-doubled energy.”

A famous General said, “I thought I was going to fail, but I kept on going. It is this keeping right on that wins the battle of life.”

The perfection of grit is the power of saying “No,” with an emphasis so plain that it cannot be mistaken.

"An invincible purpose can move most obstacles."

Business leadership coaching experts encourage us to meet hard times with a firm will; one that is more determined that those who hold the opposite opinion.

The trophy of fame and fortune has been won by many from poor upbringings with zero support from family or friends, no financial backing, or anything other than pure grit and determination.

The barriers have not yet been erected that can successfully shut out aspiring and tenacious talent. “Diligence is the mother of good luck,” said Franklin.

Those who have failed in life usually believe in luck, fate, or destiny. They will cite numerous examples of men who have made “lucky hits,” or who have been “lucky dogs.”

For all practical purposes there is no real luck to anyone who is not already striving to achieve something. If you haven’t already begun spinning into motion the wheels of success, and you have no solid plans to do so ever, then you will certainly not receive the luxury of experiencing success.

What some may call accidental discoveries, often turn out to be made be those clear-headed persons who are vigorously looking for something.

Addison, a famous business leadership coaching expert in his own right, offered his secrets of what he referred to as good luck and bad luck. He explained bad luck as belonging to those countless men who are determined to believe that the world stands against them at every street corner.

On the other hand, Addison said he “never knew an early-rising, hard-working, prudent man, careful of his earnings and strictly honest, who ever complained of bad luck.”

Strong men and women believe in the theory of cause and effect. They believe that things happen by law, not by luck.

"When you get into a tight place, and everything goes against you, till it seems as if you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then for that’s just the place and time that the tide will turn."
- Harrie Beecher Stowe

As one famous writer put it, “A lucky man is as rare as a white crow.” Isn’t it true that the same person, who is waiting for his luck to turn, is also waiting for something, anything, to turn up?

He’d be better off to turn to labor to pay his bills. Hard work, paired with a resolute will tends to always turn something up in a fairly short period of time, says one business leadership coaching expert.

Luck, lies in bed and wishes for an inheritance or a lottery to raise him from the ashes of despair and poverty. Labor, gets up early; plans the day to accomplish the most; and with a busy pen and a swinging hammer, lays the firm foundation of a successful existence.

"Luck relies on chance; labor relies on character and continuous effort."

So whatever it is that you dream of doing in your life; whomever it is that you aspire to be; whatever it is that you hope to accomplish – know this one thing for sure – it has no chance of happening until one glorious day you decide that you are fed up, through with, had enough of, the status quo. Hopefully, our business coaching mentoring has helped you to make this decision with certainty.

Decide today that you have finally become disturbed, exhausted, and mad as hell - to the point of firmly exclaiming, “NO MORE!”.

Apply yourself with energy and enthusiasm and then watch how quickly your luck will begin to improve.

Business Leadership Coaching Activities

  1. Describe a time when you demonstrated firm persistence in order to stick to something for which you truly believed in. Describe another time when you went along with something even though it went against your better judgment. Describe the struggle in each decision.

  2. Explain the lasting outcome of each decision. Are you satisfied with both outcomes or do you believe in retrospect that your decisions were made more out of stubbornness, haste or fear, rather than based firmly on principle?

  3. Given what you know from the above business leadership coaching information, how would you in hindsight make future decisions?

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"I find nothing so singular in life as this, that everything opposing appears to lose its substance the moment one actually grapples with it."

- Hawthorne

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