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Chapter Thirteen

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It was a little thing for a janitor to leave a lamp swinging in the cathedral at Pisa, but in that steady swaying motion the boy named Galileo saw the pendulum, and conceived the idea of measuring time.

It was a little thing for a cow to kick over a lantern, but that one small act laid Chicago in ashes and thus rendered homeless over one hundred thousand people.

"The history of many lost opportunities can be written in three words, 'lack of detail'.

The smallest remark made out of haste or frustration can convince a friend to turn a cold shoulder to you forever. Business management coaching experts remind us that any tiny weakness, the smallest self-indugence, a quick temper – these are all little things that can wreck the most promising career.

The children of a spectacle-maker were playing and placed two or more pairs of the spectacles before each other, then told their father that this made the objects look larger. From this small hint came the telescope.

“Words are things” said Byron “and only the smallest drop of ink produces that which can make millions of men think.”

In nature there is nothing small. All of life comes from microscopic things. The microscope reveals a world every bit as great as the world revealed high above from the telescope.

"It’s the little things in life that make life worth living."
- Unknown

No matter how strong or large all the other links of a chain may be, the ultimate strength of the chain lies in its weakest link. It is our greatest weakness which measures our real strength.

Small things become great things only when a great person sees them. A single noble act made by one man or woman can sometimes elevate nations. One great poet wrote, “Only a thought in passing – a smile, or encouraging word, has lifted many a burden no other gift could have stirred.”

Business management coaching experts teach that to dress well can make the difference in getting a new position; to speak well can be the reason for a promotion; and to keep time well can be the reason for all sorts of good things to come.

"The fate of a nation has often depended upon the good or bad digestion of a fine dinner."
- Gladstone

The power of observation in the American Indian has put many an educated man to shame. While returning home, an Indian discovered that his venison, which had been hanging up to dry, had been stolen.

After careful observation he started to track the thief through the woods. Meeting a man on the route, he asked him if he had seen a little, old, white man, with a short gun, and with a small bobtailed dog.

"The act taken in a single moment may cause a life’s regret or victory."

The man told the Indian he had just met such a man, but was surprised to find that he had not even seen the one he had described, and asked how he could give such a detailed description of the man he had never seen.

“I knew the thief was a little man” said the Indian, “because he rolled up a stone to stand on in order to reach the venison; I knew he was an old man by his short steps; I knew he was a white man by the turning out of his toes in walking, which an Indian never does; I knew he had a short gun by the mark it left on the tree where he stood it up; I knew the dog as small by his tracks and short steps, and that he had a bob-tail by the mark it left in the dust where he sat.”

So pay close to attention to the smallest of details, advises one business management coaching expert. One small step taken can make a career and one small mis-step can cause great damage to a reputation.

Business Management Coaching Activities

  1. Describe one little act that you’ve made in your life that ended up making a bigger impression than you thought it would, for better or worse.?

  2. Explain in detail the series of events that occurred as a direct result of this one small act. Like one small pebble in a pool of water, describe the various ripples that resulted.

  3. Given what you know from the above personal and executive coaching information, how would you change yourself in deciding the potential impact of even the smallest decisions you make and the actions you take?

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"The creation of a thousand forest is in one single acorn."

- Emerson

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