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Download our business plan start up guide as part of the free business planning course for aspiring leaders. Discover the importance of effective sales management practices to ensure the success of your business plan.

"Confidence in the product and your ability to sell is 99% of the victory.”

Sales management is more than simply following a plan to call x number of prospects per day in order to make y number of sales. Highly effective leaders also understand that in order for an organization to sustain increasing sales levels, there must also be a team oriented sales culture in place.

"Leaders don't spend a lot of time motivating their team, they hire self-motivated people."

Each member of your sales force must understand before they are hired that their number one responsibility is to consistent drive quality sales production.

Your job as the leader of the organization is to make certain that each sales team member is fully supported, encouraged and rewarded for their successful sales efforts. Your ability to articulate this goal in your business plan is essential for any business plan start up road map.

Explain in detail how you intend to drive sales; is it through an internally managed sales team or by contracting with independent, commission-based representatives?

Detail how you will recruit sales team candidates. How will you train your sales team? How do you intend to compensate sales staff? All of these questions need to be answered as part of your business plan.

Those who are reviewing your business plan are going to be very interested in how you intend to lead sales activities, and what those activities will consist of. Explain how you have identified your prospects; how you intend to market to them; how you will effectively ask for the business and what you expect your success ratio will be.

Force yourself to be very specific in this section of the business plan start up process. The work you do here can provide benefits to your entire organization for years to come if your plan is solid and you are able to effectively execute to the plan.

Learn more about the business plan start up guide and the Sales Management section, by reviewing these free sample business plans.

Business Lesson Plan #11 / Thoughts On Salesmanship

"Meticulous planning will enable everything a man does to appear spontaneous."
- Mark Caine

One of the most valuable money-making qualities that any man or woman can possess is that of salesmanship.

To be a good salesperson means you will be in demand throughout your entire career.

Good salespeople are hard to find and employers will do just about anything to hold on to them. Good sales-oriented employees are seldom looking for work so if job security is something you seek – be a great salesperson.

Sales training is a benefit of many organizations. Too often, however, employees see it as another demand of management rather than the opportunity to acquire highly valuable skills that can secure their future.

"If you seek job security and limitless pay opportunity, be a great salesperson!"

Good salesmen possess qualities of courtesy, tact, resourcefulness, endurance, honesty, a firm and unshakeable confidence in one’s self, a thorough understanding of their product or service, and an ability to gain the trust of others.

Sales production is directly tied to relationship-building. Many times the opportunities come to a person in sales because of who they know, who they’ve helped in the past and the quality of those well established relationships.

Your reputation should not be that of a 'salesman'. Rather, your success will be based on whether people perceive you to be a caring and thoughtful person who has the expertise and the desire to help others meet a particular need.

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"Every salesman stamps hs value on himeself... man is made great or small by his own will."

- J.C.F. von Schiller

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