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"Providing a recommendation amounts to giving your personal seal of approval.”

Whenever you are being asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone, it's important that you consider this task carefully.

Does it makes sense for you to be the person writing the recommendation letter, or should it be someone else who has more direct knowledge of the person? If so, then why wasn't that person been asked to write the letter?

"Never provide a recommendation letter for someone you wouldn't hire yourself."

If you are placed in a situation where you are not comfortable writing a letter of recommendation, you should be open and honest about your reasons for not writing the letter with the requestor.

Perhaps you simply don't have first-hand knowledge of his or her skills in a particular area, or you haven't actually observed their work, or you have no real knowledge of what the person is like to work with. These are all valid reasons for politely declining the request.

Consider first and foremost how your own credibility and character may be judged if you are to recommend this person and later he or she turns out to be bad employee. This is just one more reason why it may make sense to bow out gracefully, hopefully without hurting anyone's feelings. However, do not hesitate to be candid about your concerns or objections.

Assuming you do qualify as the appropriate person to write the letter of recommendation and you are fully comfortable in doing so, there are a few tips provided below that will assist you.

In addition, we've provided an example of recommendation letter template in our free tools section so be sure to take full advantage of that resource.

Example of Recommendation Letter: Tips & Advice

Ready to write a letter of recommendation? Here are a few helpful tips that you need to know to ensure a positive and successful experience:

  • Describe how you came to know the applicant. Explain briefly your history with the applicant and in what capacity you have been affiliated.
  • If you are a relative of the applicant, reconsider whether you are the best person for this task. Relatives, in most cases, are not good choices for recommendation letters as there will be a concern over personal bias.
  • Explain what your role or position is and how in your opinion this applicant ranks among other persons you've worked with.
  • Talk in detail about the applicant's positive qualities and how you believe this person will be a benefit to the new employer. Provide specific examples of what leadership traits you've witnessed of the applicant.
  • "Determine if the job opportunity is a good match for the applicant before agreeing to make a formal recommendation."

  • Discuss the applicants work ethic, commitment to a job well done and how he has added value to the team and organization, etc.
  • While brevity is always appreciated, when writing a recommendation letter you can go a little longer than with other business letters. One full page is a good solid amount of space, never go over two pages.
  • Be sure to provide your contact information and invite the employer to call you if he or she wishes to further discuss or clarify the applicant's qualifications.
  • As always, proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Utilize our free example of recommendation letter to ensure your letter is perceived in a positive manner.

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