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Chapter Fifteen

Executive coaching services do not have to be cost prohibitive. Leadership development tools are freely available for anyone seeking to improve himself. Personal ambition is a major factor is your future success.

"Successful people are constantly observing what other successful people do. They understand how a trained eye can unleash their potential.”

A famous preacher who was well known for his powerful sermons was once asked how he was able to deliver such eloquence every week. The preacher replied, “I keep my eyes open and I ask a lot of questions.”

Abraham Lincoln was another remarkable example of personal life coaching and the possibilities one has to develop a great intelligence through intense observation. He was known for stopping and questioning most things. Whatever the subject, he listened with care and then proceeded to question the subject fully.

"Close observation is a powerful mental process that great leader's possess."

Lincoln determined that everything he saw must give up its secret before he would let it go. He had a true passion for knowledge; he yearned to know the meaning of things and the philosophy behind them.

The keen observer who utilizes personal development coaching tools has a strong advantage over his peers. The observer is always on the hunt for opportunity. He listens intently, all the while processing in his mind the various scenarios by which he might advance.

The observer is always accumulating knowledge of every kind. He does not merely look with his eyes, he sees with his eyes. He keeps his ears open. He keeps his mind open to all that is new, fresh and to the benefit of others. He seeks to piece together the snippets of valuable information that can be used to create new ways of helping others and in turn, profit from his inventions.

Unfortunately, most people do not attempt to use the power of observation for developing business coaching life skills. They are too intent upon moving on to the next thing. Executive coaching services experts maintain the majority of people do not see things; they just quickly scan them.

Intense observation is a skill to be developed. It takes effort to not only look with the eyes, but to also see with the mind. Thought, is work – it takes effort. In return for this effort, the observer learns more rapidly and becomes more in tune with his or her true surroundings and potential opportunities.

All things being equal it is the observer who acts upon his opportunities that gets ahead more quickly. As an example, imagine going into any store with the intention of seeking opportunities that the store owner could take advantage of to improve his business.

Let nothing escape you as you wander the store isles. Study the employees; assess their manners and how they interact with their customers. Review the cleanliness of the establishment; is it clean? How about the inventory; are the shelves nicely arranged and well stocked? Evaluate the atmosphere; is it warm, upbeat and welcoming?

If any of the above areas of a business can benefit from improvement then that is your opportunity.

Competition is based on ones ability to take advantage of the others weaknesses and fill the void that means something to the customers. Price is not always the determining factor to the customer. Many are willing to pay a premium in exchange for a high-value experience.

"The person who would get on must keep his eyes open, his ears open, his mind open. He must be quick, alert, ready."
- Unknown

"Get in the habit of observing and evaluating others", state executive coaching services experts. With regular effort you will quickly become more aware of what makes other men and women succeed or fail.

"Observation, along with a clear purpose, pave the way to progress and promotion."

A key message of our executive coaching program is that no matter where you go, take time to study the situation. Think through why those you come in contact with are doing well; or have allowed themselves to become swallowed up in mediocrity.

Make mental notes about what you observe and vow not to make the same mistakes as others have made. Seek out patterns of success and make efforts to copy them. Identify patterns of disappointments and adjust your ways so that you will avoid making the same errors.

Few people realize the tremendous power of successfully training their eyes and ears to better partner with their mind. Executive coaching services experts are clear on this point - the secret of a richly stored mind is remaining alert, sorting out the facts and making highly thoughtful decisions.

Executive Coaching Services Activities

  1. Describe the current emphasis you place on observing and learning from others. What do you tend to learn from the observation of others?

  2. Explain what you believe to be the benefits of becoming a keen observer? Are you satisfied with your current level of observation of others?

  3. Given what you know from the above personal and executive coaching information, how would you change or seek to improve yourself in the area of observation? Explain what you need to do differently in order to gain better results in the future.

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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then you are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams

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