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Discover our free cover letter example template. When sending in a resume, quote or presentation package, make certain you introduce yourself in an effective and professional manner using a formal cover letter document.

"There's litte room for error with a cover letter.
First impressions count!”

The cover letter document is the first thing your prospective employer or other decision maker will see, and they may judge you in part based on your ability to impress them with the contents of your cover letter.

"The cover letter must introduce you with professionalism, style and class."

Therefore, your goal should be to do no less than impress, right?

This important document provides a doorway that you want another person to walk through; to find out more about you; to consider you for a position within their firm and/or to welcome you into their world.

Be sure to introduce yourself as the answer to a solution. Market yourself as that certain someone who possesses the desired skill-set and experience that the position requires.

Rather than simply stating you are the best person for the job, take the time to briefly describe yourself using clear and concise examples of the value you bring. Note a particular accomplishment or leadership traits you exhibit, and make certain you note your commitment to doing what it takes to ensure success.

Using our free cover letter example template will help you to ensure you don't make the same silly mistakes so many others will make.

For example, put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving your cover letter. You have an entire pile of resumes and cover letters staring at you. Odds are that in order to expedite the process, you will judge whether or not you will read each resume based upon your initial scanning of the cover letter.

Hiring managers often times will dismiss a resume entirely if it is not accompanied by a well written cover letter. Make sure to personalize the cover letter to the specific employer. DO NOT send a formula cover letter. One size does NOT fit all employers.

Proof read your document thoroughly before you finalize the cover letter. Pay close attention to spelling and proper use of grammar.

Free Cover Letter Example Tips

Our free cover letter example template will ensure best results if you can:

  • Research the job completely and understand clearly what the employer is looking for
  • Effectively sell your strengths in order to set you apart from the competition
  • "A great cover letter will help you to 'connect' with the reader."

  • Focus on how you can effectively meet the employer's needs
  • Provide specific examples of how you have performed successfully in dealing with problems of a similar nature.
  • Effectively "connect" with the reader using words and phrases that will appeal to them.

Lastly, as you utilize our free cover letter example, be sure to customize the letter for the specific job you are applying for. Always emphasize what you have a history of contributing to the organizations you've worked for in the past.

Explain in brief detail how the company and team leader will benefit from adding you to their payroll.

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"The objective of strategic communications is to achieve a specific result with those you hope to persuade."

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