The TRUTH About Government Small Business Grants

Does Free Money From Uncle Sam Really Exist?

How can you obtain government small business grants to start a new business? Does this money truly exist? Can anyone qualify like the slick advertisement say?

"When things sound too good to be true, trust your gut - walk away.”

We wish we could tell you that the government was giving aways piles of cash to create new businesses, but that is most definitely not the case. Unfortunatley, you can do a search on the web and review multiple sites that offer TONS of information on how to quickly and easily obtain government small business grants.

Unfortunately, most of these sites have a lot of the wrong things in common. They each provide a clever and enticing sales pitch – making the process appear SO SIMPLE, as if people are just waiting for you to apply so they can get rid of all that FREE money. (Yeah, right.)

Ultimately, you will be asked to buy their software product that promises to unlock a treasure chest full of opportunity in the form of government small business grants that you can use to start your new business. Sounds wonderful, right?

"Late night infomercials advertising 'free money' are simply false. Don't believe the hype!"

Your chances of finding and qualifying for any government small business grants are very limited. You know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” So don't believe the hype or the sales pitch you may be hearing about.

Honestly folks, we do not recommend the purchase of these types of products. We are simply not convinced that any of these products live up to their claims to quickly identify and qualify people for government small business grants.

To clarify, we are not saying that no one has ever received a government small business grant. There's bound to have been some who have benefits from government grant programs, but we believe very few.

However, if you want to better understand our suspicions, go to your phone right now and call your local (SBA)Small Business Administration office to inquire about Free Small Business Grants, just click - Local SBA Office For Your State and ask the representative how to get all that FREE MONEY.

We will wager that the person on the other end of the phone will politely inform you that they do not offer government small business grants. Nor do they know who you should call in order to receive one.

This is the exact response we received when we investigated this issue.

Here is our challenge. If you have been successful in locating government small business grants, AND you have actually qualified for one or more government small business grants, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Just tell us your story and please answer the following questions:

  • I located government small business grants opportunities using ___________.
  • I qualified for the following types of government small business grants?
  • I was approved for and received one or more government small business grants, specifically they were based on ____________. How much? $_________

The truth is that government small business grants are NOT readily available.

Private grant opportunities do exist for certain businesses such as non-profits and various minority group members. Typically, however, grant money is provided by private individuals and groups, large non-profit organizations and foundations - but NOT Uncle Sam.

NOTE: Some of those software packages we referred to earlier may provide information on obtaining private grants. But make sure you know what all is included in the product if you choose to purchase this type of software.

We suggest getting your questions answered before buying any software product. You can do this by emailing the site's Customer Support area. If they won't respond to your questions, that's probably all the answer you need.

Now it is time for some very encouraging news! Our government DOES sponsor many programs for obtaining secured loans with favorable repayment options.

Based on the type of business you are interested in, or if you qualify as a member of a particular minority group, you may very well qualify for one of these terrific programs.

Learn more at (SBA Financing Programs)

More good news! There are many additional (non-government-sponsored) financing options available to the average entrepreneur.

Here we will discuss some traditional financing options that can get you moving toward turning your vision of owning a business – into ACTUALLY OWNING A REAL-LIVE BUSINESS!

”Success comes to the person who does today what you were thinking about doing tomorrow.”
- Unknown

Many small businesses start on a shoestring budget. Although is sounds difficult, it is not impossible! If you have limited experience and/or limited access to capital, it is advisable to start small. Take the time necessary to learn the ins and outs of the business. Slowly but surely, grow your business as your management skills improve and you overcome your learning curve.

WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY? For those in need of financing. We have developed a list of traditional options you may wish to consider.

Each of these financial options are potential cash sources that can assist a small business owner or entrepreneur.

”Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”
- Henri Kaiser

Start Solving Your Small Business Financing Problems

First things first. In order to get the credit you need, you must understand your own personal credit report. Don’t allow yourself to be surprised to learn from your lender that there are problems on your credit report. You must KNOW what is on your credit report BEFORE you apply for credit.

If there is a credit report issue, do what you can to address it – openly and proactively. It is always better for you to bring up any reporting issues with your lender rather than the other way around.

You can access your personal credit report at these to credit agencies:

In addition, you will learn how to read the report and how to go about addressing any negative marks on your credit report. Knowing your credit history information is not optional. Every good business manager must know what is on his/her credit report.

Now you know what your prospective lender is about to know, right? So you now have the advantage! Next we need to look at some real options for obtaining capital. We are about to provide you with our short list of preferred lenders.

How To Obtain Small Business Loans

Yes, there are hundreds if not thousands of financial institutions that you can work with. By all means, do your own research. You must feel comfortable with any prospective lender. Remember, YOU are the decision-maker and YOU are in control.

Small Business Credit Cards / Lines of Credit

Business credit cards/lines can be obtained at your local bank and/or through multiple direct mail offers. A good offer includes a 0% introductory rate, a low variable rate, and thereafter with the ability to take a portion of the balance and attach a fixed rate, and no annual fee.

If you are on a shoestring budget, this may be a good option for you. The less you have to borrow, and the lower you can keep any payments, the better!

NOTE: Keep in mind how easy it can be to fill out an online application. The process of applying for those so-called government small business grants, or any other grant for that matter, certainly pales in comparison to the simplicity of applying for a credit card over the web.

Personal Loans

If your business is not yet off the ground, you may need to apply as an individual for the capital you need. In this case, you might take out a second mortgage on your home to finance the business. (NOTE: Tax advantages may exist by deducting interest paid on loans or lines of credit secured by real estate – ask your tax professional.)

You may also qualify for a secured personal loan if you have other assets that can be offered as collateral. Unsecured loans may be an option as well, although you will pay a higher rate than if the loan is secured.

Bottom line, you won’t know what you qualify for until you apply. Take time to consider all the options, then apply to see if you are approved.

Once you are approved, then you have a decision to make. Either accept the loan or decline the loan. You see, it’s a two-way street!

First, the Lender must accept YOU. Then the ball is in your court and it is up to you as to whether or not you will accept THEM. (Ah, that feels better, doesn’t it?)

Small Business Loans

Unlike the mythical government small business grants, small business loans come in a variety of shapes and sizes – and, you can find them. Depending on the type of business you are in and your specific capital needs, the choice of loan types can be a bit confusing.

In order to limit any confusion you'll want to work with a lender that offers a wide range of small business loan products and understands various industries. Start by talking with existing business owners. Word travels fast among the small business community regarding which bank works hardest to meet the needs of new business owners.

Visit several banks, large and small. Share your story and determine who seems most interested in helping you.


There you have it! We have spoken the truth and spelled out the myths about free government small business grants. The TRUTH is that government small business grants are not readily accessible.

"Lenders like to see that you and your business have paid past bills and loans as agreed and on time."

One last time - government small business grants are NOT readily accessible for the average entrepreneur so do not spend money on products that make 'too good to be true' promises.

We also covered a lot of good news on the subject of financing a small business. You learned that although government small business grants are of a very rare breed, there are certain types of grants available that are offered by entities in the private sector. So, grant money is out there, but FREE money is not in large supply.

In addition, we have discussed several real financing options for you to consider as you take one step closer to realizing your dream of owning and/or expanding your business

One final thought regarding why "mythical" government small business grants aren't really even necessary - consider this:

”Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.
- Conrad Hilton, Hilton Hotels

So, get moving and STAY MOVING! We Know You Can Do It!

"My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had - every day I'm learning something new."

- Richard Branson

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