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Chapter 6

Leadership executive coaching must be a priority for any leader seeking to achieve a highly successful career. By taking the time to continue this course, you will discover important insights that will serve you well into the future. In this next chapter, we'll discuss how you can make great strides toward your goal when you take time to focus your energy.

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The person with a clear unwavering aim is often the one to achieve the goal and win the day. The difference between the weak and the strong, the good and the great, is focused energy and invincible determination.

Those who are to be successful tend to focus their life or business in one thing supremely, not many things indifferently. The great difference between those who succeed and those who fail does not consist in the amount of work done by each, but in the amount of intelligent work accomplished. 

Many persons who fail at business fail not for a lack of ambition or work ethic, but rather they fail because their work is too varied. They haphazardly move from one chore to the next, forgetting their main purpose many times throughout the day.

On most days we could ask one of these aimless individuals to state his or her purpose in life and they will respond; “I’m not certain what my main purpose is, but I am a thorough believer in hard work and I’ll know my purpose when I see it.”

"If we look for nothing in particular, we find just that and no more."

The appropriate response to this person is, “No, that is not good enough.” Ask yourself, would any intelligent person attempt to dig up an entire continent in hopes of finding a single vein of gold or silver? The one who is forever looking around to see what he can find, will find nothing of significant value. 

You will find what you seek out with all our heart. Your life’s ambition is waiting to be found and your focus to realize your ambition will determine when the two actually meet.

Emerson once said, "The one prudence in life is concentration; the one evil is dissipation; and it makes no difference whether our dissipation's are coarse or fine."

If a salamander is cut in two, the front part of its body runs forward and the other runs back. The same can be said of the man or woman who has divided his or her purpose. Leadership executive coaching experts tell us that success tends to repel those who lack one true aim.

Charles Dickens said, “I never put one hand to anything on which I could throw my whole self.” 

“I go at what I am about,” said Charles Kingsley, “as if there was nothing else in the world for the time being. That’s the secret of all hard-working men.”

Too often men and women fail to become great because they habitually split themselves into mediocre pieces. They choose to be a so-so jack-of-all-trades rather than to become an unrivaled specialist. By taking the time to focus squarely on investing in yourself and fully leveraging leadership executive coaching tools and resources, you can train yourself to be that highly valued specialist. 

Every great man has become great and every successful man has succeeded, in direct proportion to his ability to focus his efforts through one narrow channel.

The person who masters a single line of work, the razor-sharp individual who makes the most of tools and resources available, will more quickly and efficiently cut through obstacles and achieve greater success.

The young graduate who is seeking a position today is not so often asked what college he attended as he is asked, “What can you do?”

Leadership executive coaching experts encourage us to form a solid plan, understand our objective clearly, and then go forward and work with all our might to see our plan become a reality. This is the way to a successful career and a happy life.

"The giants of the human race have been men and woman of deep conviction with a single concentration."

Young people are often told to aim high, and this is good, but to aim without knowing clearly your target is effort that is wasted.

The magnetic needle of a compass does not point in any and all directions to focus on many stars, it points to one central North Star. This single focus has directed countless beings to safety and security over many centuries. Knowing your own central focus will bring the same clarity and serenity to your life.

"A general purpose in not enough. The arrow shot from the bow does not wander around to see what it can hit on its way, but flies straight to the mark."

- O.S. Marden

Leadership Executive Coaching Activities

Complete the following exercises... 

  1. Describe if you can your single purpose in your life and career. Explain to what extent you are consistent in focusing your daily energy in support of your purpose.  Do you consider yourself a master of your own time or are you easily distracted? 

  2. What, if anything, can you do differently to improve your focus on a daily basis? Make a list of things that keep you from maintaining focus on your most important objective. 

  3. Given what you've learned in this chapter, do you believe you should improve this area of your life? If yes, make notes about what you can do more of, less of, better or different to improving your focus. 

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