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Chapter Eight

Life coaching training provides simple tools that can provide powerful results in your professional life as well as your personal life. The value of business coaching mentoring cannot be overstated, so let's get going.

"Every great and commanding product or business is one mans triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great was ever achieved without it.”

A noted financier once noted that a business never becomes very successful until it has a President who takes it to bed with him each night.

Authors regularly complain that they become haunted by the characters in their stories so much so that they cannot sleep until they commit their newly formed ideas to paper.

"Beware of losing your enthusiasm. Strive to retain your ambition for all that would provide you with the fuel to go after your dreams."

What drives this behavior, one might ask? Passion! Enthusiasm, for which - thank goodness - there is no cure. Those lucky enough to experience it, know how truly fortunate they are to be spending their time doing that which they love doing.

Gladstone said that what he desired most was to be able to provide every grown man and woman with the spirit of their youth. What a truly wonderful gift that would be!

Recall in your youth when each day you exhibited the energy that burned within you; how you jumped out of bed and ran out the door to play and explore; how you knew in your heart that anything was possible. Where does that fire in us go? How is it so easily lost without a fight?

How does indifference so quickly smother the enthusiasm of our youth? It is true that indifference never leads to success; has never led armies to victory; has never sculpted clay into art; has never sung music as sweet - as does one who is overflowing with enthusiasm.

Horace Greeley said that the best quality product is made by the energetic employee with an enthusiasm for his work.

Enthusiasm is that special gift, that harmonious spirit which hovers over the efforts of genius. Whatever gift you possess, pair it with an unmatched enthusiasm and the world will be sure to know your name and enjoy your talent.

Observe the energy of the young and claim it as your own. The most irresistible charm of youth is in its exuberant enthusiasm. Life coaching training experts remind us that the young tend to see no darkness; they fail to worry about that which they cannot control; they believe in all possibilities.

Small business owner coaching reveals that people instinctively smile at the enthusiasm of youth. At some level they know that they are fully responsible for allowing that same energy to lose its rightful place within them.

"Enthusiam gives the otherwise dry and uninteresting subject or occupation a new meaning."
- Marden

Is enthusiasm only slated for the young to enjoy? A noted life coaching training expert replies, “NONSENSE!”

How much more value would we see if everyone of an older age was to exhibit the same zest for life as their children or grand-children do? There is much glory to be shared from old age. Glory, at any age for that matter, is determined in each of us based on our current level of enthusiasm.

"Life coaching online tools provide valuable insights for a more fulfilling life."

To be enthusiastic, is to be fully engaged in life. How we contribute to our family, our friends, our community and all of humanity, determines our personal level of fulfillment. Enthusiasm is only a symptom of a successful life.

Cicero said correctly that men and women are like wine; age sours the bad, and improves the good. With enthusiasm we can all retain our youthful spirit well after our hair has turned silver.

Life Coaching Training Activities

  1. Describe an instance in your life where your enthusiasm was at it’s highest. Is it still there or has it weakened with time? Explain your level of enthusiasm at this point in your life. Are you genuinely pleased with your current state of enthusiasm?

  2. Explain what your level of enthusiasm, or lack thereof, has contributed to your life and those around you? Do you tend to associate with other people who are full of energy and living a vibrant life. Are you satisfied with where you are in this area of your life?.

  3. Given what you know now from the above life coaching training information, do you wish to improve in this area of your life? If yes, then explain what you need to do differently in order to gain more energy and enthusiasm.

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"If you don't love what you're doing 8 to 12 hours a day, it won't matter how nice your house is."

- Bob Woodruff

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