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Chapter 26

When conducting life skills coaching sessions it's important to provide a thoughtful view of what it really means to be rich. The term 'rich' is not defined by money alone, but it is in our ability to be happy with whatever we have at any moment that makes one rich.

If you are born and raised with a strong sense of self, a hearty appetite for work and a healthy desire to learn and grow – YOU ARE RICH!

rich beyond money

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A millionaire pays a large fortune to own a gallery of paintings. Yet any poor boy or girl can easily visit the gallery and carry away a treasure of beauty, which the owner may never see.

One of the first great lessons of life is to learn the true estimate of values.

What does your money say to you? What message does it bring? Does it say to you, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die”? Or, does it bring to you a message of comfort, of education, of culture, of travel, of books, of an opportunity to help your fellow man?

Does money mean to you more land, more wealth, more to own? Or, does it bring to you the message of: clothes for the naked, bread for the starving, schools for those who wish to learn and grow, hospitals for the sick, helping those in need?

Is your money making you into an animal fixed on greed, or a man or woman filled with a larger purpose than self?

"Let others plead for pensions; I can be rich without money, by endeavoring to be superior to everything poor."

- Lord Collingwood

An important life skills coaching message is that money has never been the primary ingredient for happiness. The more money a man has, the more he tends to want. However, a large bank account has never made a man rich. Rather, it is the guilt-free mind and heart that provides true wealth. 

Some are rich in health, in constant cheerfulness, in a balanced temperament that carries them smoothly over life's many challenges. A man or woman possessing riches of this nature cannot be defeated. 

Every young businessperson will be encouraged to buy-in to various schemes. The promise of ridiculous wealth will be dangled before their eyes.

The youth who will succeed, must not allow himself to be deceived by appearance. He must decide his path based on a clear head and an educated assessment of the true opportunity. He must remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Henry Wilson, a sworn friend of the oppressed, made his decisions based upon the question: “Is it right; will it do good?”

The man who has no money, may be broke – but he need not be poor. Being poor is more a state of mind that it is a state of dollars and cents.

"Allow no man, just because he has land and money, to feel that he is rich in my presence. He must know I can do without his riches, that I cannot be bought."
- Emerson

Everyone has the ability to educate the mind to instinctively focus on the brighter side of things; to spend their time elevating their intellect and fostering a positive spirit.

Effective life skills coaching can emphasize that that people are rich who value their good name above the size of their wallet. The object for which we strive tells the story of our lives. Men and women will be judged by the happiness they create in those around them.

Character is perpetual wealth. A person possessing character always stands taller than the millionaire who lacks it.

Invest in yourself and you will never be poor. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

"He is richest who is content with the least, for contentment is the wealth of nature."

- Socrates

Life Skills Coaching Activities

Complete the following exercises...

  1. List all of the things you prize more highly than the accumulation of money. Rank your list from top to bottom in order of importance. Explain why your top 5 listings mean so much to you.

  2. Now ask yourself where in your list is located the following items: God, Country, Family, Self-Worth and Good Health? If any of these are not in your top five, listed above any mention of money, explain why this is. Do you remain satisfied with this response and do you feel it serves you well in life?

  3. As a leader, how might you facilitate a life skills coaching session on this subject with your team members. How might a session of this nature help the quality of your workplace. Explain what you can to do differently in order to ensure greater work/life balance.

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