Sales tools to achieve your targets

by Cameron Fenley
(Australia/ United States)

Proposal Software

Proposal Software

I have been in sales my entire career and have been trained in several selling methodologies.

One of the most difficult challenges I've had was in creating and delivering the right proposal or materials to my clients, and to deliver this in a timely and accurate way - so that I acquired new business and got paid my deserved commission.

Being able to deliver a far superior response than my competitors so I hit my goals and got the commission I deserved was hard. It required me to be on my toes and understand how to complete tasks correctly, and determine who needed to be involved.

The never ending struggle of a sales person or a business development professional is at times a thankless one, and it's never ending.

Since my early years in sales I have been lucky enough to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and many other tools that my management put in front of me or told me to use!

Most of these tools have been useful, or at least in some degree were useful, and aided me in different ways to achieve my targets.

I now look at the entire process which an organization follows in order to get a valued and profitable outcome for all involved - from the sales force to the sale management and the organization as a whole (from a team, to a division or country and global operations).

Many organizations, managers and sales people have been forced to look hard at how they can implement a more seamless sales processes.

To benefit the sales force and deliver profitable outcomes as efficiently as possible, we must continually keep up with new leadership tools, customer service software and streamline processes.

Our ability to effectively initiate and inspire ongoing change is going to be a requirement of top performers for decades to come!

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