Service Is Sales

by Marcus Fuller
(Plymouth, Massachusetts)

I own a small furniture shop, which is located just in front of our house. The shop is quite small as I have not had the resources to expand.

Given the low amount of traffic, I knew I needed to find another solution to increase sales.

My little shop sells small furniture accessories like lampshades, table clothes and decorative wood crafts from my own design and ideas.

I have a local source where I get all the materials and I create the products with the help of my cousin. But again, spreading the word has been my biggest challenge.

My wife told me about and so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did. As soon as we set-up an account, I immediately took photographs of my products and posted it on my online store with concise and complete details (and of course, a reasonable starting bid price).

After only two hours a prospective client contacted me, saying he was interested on purchasing one of my products. To say the least, I was excited at this fast response.

As soon as the payment was received, I packed the product carefully, along with a hand written Thank You note and a few extra business cards, and sent it to Oklahoma.

The client followed up with another message saying how impressed he was with the product and my attention to detail.

The best part is, he's recommended me to two other clients who have already made online purchases.

Since this original experience, my sales have continued to grow and I know for a fact that I get a great deal of referral business from my satisfied customers. They actually do give out my business cards to family and friends!

Next year, I'm planning to expand the size of my shop and branch out into selling more products.

My main message here is that "sales is service" and "service is sales". Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

Now I must end this 'novel' as I have to go checkout more free tools on this website, I’m certain I'll find more help here...

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Service Is Simple
by: Richard Gorham


You are spot on, my friend. Service is sales, and sales is service. I would also add that service is simple.

Why simple? Well, as I'm sure you know, the one thing that will always differentiate you from your competition, which you have the MOST control over, and which you can improve almost immediately if you so choose is... service.

Customers want, expect and DESERVE a great service experience. The businesses that deliver consistently in this area, reap the benefits of customer loyalty, referrals and amazing viral marketing benefits via 'word-of-mouth' advertising.

Your story proves this in spades.

Kudo's and congrats on your success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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