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Chapter Twenty

small business coaching is often overlooked as an over-priced luxury. Most business owners and aspiring leaders make the mistake of not taking advantage of what is right in front of them.

"Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune;
but great minds rise above them." - Washington Irving

Great men never wait for opportunities; they make them. Nor do they wait for more favoring circumstances; they seize upon whatever is at hand, work out the problem, and master the situation.

A young man or woman who is determined will find a way, or make one. Franklin did not require an elaborate machine to bring electricity from the clouds; only a common kite.

"The great ones never wait for opportunities, they go out and make one!"

Small business coaching experts remind us that nearly every great discovery or invention that has blessed mankind has had to fight its way to recognition, even against the greatest opposition of men and institutions.

Mere surroundings or circumstance that others might call too unfavorable should never prevent a young man or woman from striking out to become their level best.

"Victories that are easy, are cheap. Those only worth having, come as a result of hard fighting."
- Beecher

There is no open door to the temple of success, say small business coaching experts. Everyone who enters makes his own doorway, which closes behind him to all others, not even permitting his own children to pass through.

Successful men and women do not attribute their success to choosing only smoothly traveled roads, says a notable small business coaching advisor. Rather, successful beings exclaim with pride how they often faced down adversity and poverty; remained steadfast in their quest for knowledge and wisdom; and learned key lessons from great minds that walked before them.

“What does he know,” said a famous author, “who has not suffered?”

A man who has never had to fight to win a position, does not know the highest meaning of success. He will never understand the pride and self-acceptance that an all out effort can win.

The money acquired by those who have struggled and fought successfully, is never their chief reward. Their main reward is the knowledge of what they’ve proven to themselves.

"Great men have found no royal road to their triumph. It is always the old route, by way of hard work and perseverance."
- Marden

A distinguished investigator said that when he encountered an apparently insurmountable obstacle, he usually found himself upon the brink of some important discovery.

While failure can destroy the weaker man, it can also lead the success-driven man to new heights by arousing his energies, awakening new powers that were dormant until then.

"We must all treat adversity like an eagle does with a blast of wind; making it a force against us that only lifts us higher."

A famous judge once said to an aspiring law student preparing for the bar exam, “To make your way past the bar, you must live like a hermit and work like a horse. There is nothing that does a young lawyer so much good as to be half-starved.”

Business management coaching experts state that thousands, perhaps millions, who possessed great abilities, have been lost to the world because they have not been conditioned to wrestle with obstacles or struggle with any real difficulty.

Any man or woman who has triumphed over difficulties bears the signs of victory in their face and body. An air of success is seen in every movement as they stride along, in full pursuit of their next great achievement.

Small Business Coaching Activities

  1. Describe an instance in your past life when you succeeded after overcoming a large barrier or difficulty. Explain what was driving you to resist defeat and press onward to the finish.

  2. Explain what may have happened since the above victory to create doubt in yourself. What, if anything, has caused your self-esteem to weaken? Are you satisfied with your current state of determination and resolve? Do you wish to improve in this area of your life with business coaching development?

  3. Given what you know now from the above small business coaching information, how might you respond differently the next time you are facing a difficult situation? Explain what you need to do differently in order to gain better results in the future.

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"The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants them to do, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it."

- Theodore Roosevelt

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