Start Planning For The Time Of Your Life!

Chapter 15: Celebrate to Motivate

Experience the time of your life throughout your goal setting journey. Celebrate success at each milestone achieved.

As you take each step closer to conquering your goal, you should take time out to recognize and reward yourself for a job well done.  

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One of the ways you can best reward yourself is by sharing your gratitude with the people around you who have supported your efforts thus far.

No one achieves great things alone. We all need people in our lives who listen to us; encourage us when times are difficult, and who inspire us to do more than we think we are capable of. 

Let these people know that you value and appreciate their friendship. Kind and thoughtful gestures like these not only make a positive impact on the person receiving the recognition, but you will also benefit by experiencing the gift of service to another human being. 

You must take time to celebrate your small wins as well as your larger achievements. It's important to experience the joy and sense of accomplishment that you so richly deserve when you overcome a tough obstacle or meet a key milestone.

"Don't be afraid of setting a goal so big that you won't be able to achieve it until you grow into the person who can."

The achievement of a life goal is no small thing, it is an important and noteworthy event. However, achieving the goal may not be as important as who you have to become in order to achieve the goal.

The pursuit of a big goal will change you along the way - and this is a good thing. In order to change or improve your life, you too must change and improve. You should embrace the changes required of you so that you can learn, grow, and succeed in the world.

As you experience more wins and celebrate more successes, you'll inevitably inspire others along the way. Be generous and share with them what's worked for you.

Surrounding yourself with ambitious, forward thinking and hard working people will keep you energized. Have the time of your life as you maintain strong supportive relationships while staying focused on your most important goals. 

Celebrate Your Successes & Start Having The Time Of Your Life

A key aspect of having the time of your life requires you to celebrate your success along the way.  In addition, there are other key benefits to these mini-celebrations:

Celebrating your successes allows you to more easily maintain the momentum that you have created.

Celebrating your successes helps to reinvigorate your mind and body as you take time out to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Celebrating your successes reinforces your commitment to continue forward in your quest for self-improvement and personal development.

Celebrating your successes is a gift you give yourself and the people who have supported you along the way for a job well done.
Celebrating your successes along the way allows you to begin having the time of your life today, making it a life that's worth living now.

Learn more about creating and achieving goals with the Time Of Your Life,  which is an amazing product created by the Anthony Robbins Institute.

I've used the Time of Your Life system for over 15 years and I personally recommend it.

Note: You may want to check with your local library to see if you can check out a free copy of this material, a much less expensive option.

"There is a big difference between movement and achievement."

- Tony Robbins

Success Lesson #30: Vacation As An Investment In Yourself

Notice all the workers in every profession and see how they depreciate for lack of a well-deserved vacation. Their looks fade faster than is natural due to the stress they allow to inhabit their minds and bodies. 

The wise ones among these too often jaded workers make up their minds to regularly take time off to rejuvenate their spirit, reinvigorate their bodies and to refresh their outlook on life.

"A vacation pays as much from the standpoint of character as from any other point of view."

- O.S. Marden

After only a short one or two weeks away from the office, they return; and oh, what a marvelous change! They have literally been born again. They return with new hopes, broader visions, a calmer and sweeter disposition for all to enjoy.

How is it possible for anyone to make a more profitable investment of his time than to that which will give him a firmer grip on his business, increase his ability to cope more effectively with the problems of every day life, and to refresh everything about him?

Whenever you hear a man or woman say they can't afford to take a vacation, there is something wrong somewhere in their reasoning. Recreation is a necessary thing to the human spirit.

"We must allow ourselves time to be playful and to be joyous in order for to be our best self."

A vacation does not have to be a week or a month in length to be effective. You might only require a short time away from your work in order to renew your energy. A short nap during the day, a walk around the block to get some fresh air, a workout at the gym three days a week - all of these constitute a reinvestment in yourself.

Take the time to celebrate your successes, and also be sure to take the time to manage your reserve energy for maximum success and personal fulfillment.

Everyday is an important chapter as you work each day to create the time of your life. 

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