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Your business floor plan for success is provide here in this business planning course for aspiring business owners who want to lead their teams to success. Discover the importance of the Business Resources section of a business plan.

"If you have accomplished all that you planned for, then you have every reason to continue planing for reaching even greater heights. Never stop!”

In this section of the business plan you want to make clear to the reader the sort of business resources you have available to you to support this new endeavor.

Business resources are not limited to the assets listed on the company’s balance sheet. Resources come from many areas inside and outside the organization.

"Encourage business partners to teach you what they know. Don't just pay them to do things for you. Learn from everyone around you. "

To the level that management is able to articulate and identify the business resources, it goes a long way to show how credible you will be as an effective manager.

Business resources that are applicable to your business floor plan includes:

  • List the major operating equipment that your company owns or leases. Include a brief description, age, condition and value.
  • List major suppliers. Explain how close in proximity the supplier is and what sort of payment terms you have negotiated.
  • Identify other outside resources used or needed in order to fulfill customer expectations.
  • Describe your quality control procedures. If you do not have quality control procedures, outline your plan to put them in place. This helps lesson risk to the organization so your reader is interested in seeing this in you business floor plan review.
  • Explain the availability of skilled labor needed to meet the needs of the organization.

Finally, we also suggest that you include any sort of outside professional counsel that you received and have regular access to as a business resource. If your accountant, lawyer or other business partner happens to have a background or expertise in your particular type of business, this can be a tremendous resource to you and the organization.

View an actual business floor plan for success by reviewing these free sample business plans.

Business Lesson Plan #12 / Follow Your Passion

"Desire! That's the one secret of every man's career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire."
- Bobby Unser

Set out to do what you are meant for. What does your heart tell you? If you are meant to study law then you feel the pull to study law. If your passion is to cure the sick then you must study medicine.

Doing something simply because you fall into it or because that is what your father did, and his father before him, should not be the reason for you to do the same thing.

Nor should you allow yourself to be surrounded by others who are not following their true passion. We each become a product of our environment. The people we regularly associate with provide a natural pull on us. They either pull us UP, or they pull us down.

"Seek out people with intelligence and good judgement, with a capacity to anticipate, to see around corners."

Unfortunately, too many people do not even realize they have a choice in their occupation. They grow up in a sheltered area, with very little in the way of outside influences, and as a result they do not begin to think of the many other possibilities available to them.

At some point in life, the light bulb goes off and they realize that there is more to consider, but then they feel shackled by the lack of early education or a lifelong routine that has given birth to a fear of failure if they were to try something outside of their comfort zone.

If this describes you, then you are encouraged to take fear by neck and break it! Take the first step forward to walk outside your area of comfort and begin to take on a new challenge. Get determined to learn and grow and live a more interesting and less predictable life.

As you develop your business floor plan for success, be certain your passion shines through as it will increase your chances of acceptance.

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"A good leader surrounds himself with people who complement his own skills."

- Oren Harari

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