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Use our example thank you letters and template tools to more effectively voice your appreciation for the work that your team members do. In addition, you can't thank your clients enough for their business!

"It's never difficult to find a reason to say 'Thank You'.”

Two little words that when put together and spoken aloud are two of the most important words ever spoken. How simple it is to say, or write, 'Thank You', yet so many times we miss the perfect opportunity to do so.

Saying thank you is a quick and easy way to make friends and solidify relationships. Whether personal or professional, sending a thank you note always scores big points with the recipient. After all, who doesn't like to hear that they are appreciated?

"People who produce good results, feel good about themselves."

Our example thank you letters template will assist you in saying thanks the right way in order to maximize its effectiveness. The opportunities to thank people are truly endless.

For instance, you can thank someone for their time; for making an extended effort; for going the extra mile; for completing an important project; for accepting a new position or responsibility; for helping out in someone else's absence; for volunteering their time or money; for participating fully in a meeting or for just bringing up a particularly helpful idea or solution.

Praising your employee and saying thank you in public can be especially meaningful since you are telling not only the individual, but the entire team how much you appreciate this person.

This is an effective way to let your entire team know just what behaviors and performance levels you expect and are looking for in everyone - so the benefits of stating your thoughts publicly can be particularly helpful in setting expecations for the team.

Leaders who make the effort to say thank you on a regular basis tend to be leaders who are more highly respected.

Saying thank you shows others you care and that you appreciate what they bring to the team. Gratitude for others promotes a more healthy work environment and promotes positive habits throughout the workplace.

Utilize our free example thank you letters tool to write a meaningful thank you note or letter.

Example Thank You Letters: Tips & Advice

Below you will find our top five tips for writing effective thank you letters. These tips are utilized in our free example thank you letters template.

  1. Hand write your thank you note or letter for maximum impact. Be sincere in your praise without going overboard with too much dramatic flare.
  2. "Don't thank people for activity, thank them for results!"

  3. Stay on message - do not deviate from your intended message. Maintain the purity of your thank you letter by keeping your comments focused on the reason for the praise. Avoid any perception of using a form letter, make it personal.
  4. Be timely. Thank you letters or notes should be sent immediately following the event or circumstance. The more time in between, the less effective the thank you letter will be.
  5. Avoid using traditional corporate stationary. This tends to be perceived as cold and uncaring. Choose a card or stationary that is easily customized to the situation you are recognizing.
  6. Proofread your thank you note or letter before sending it. Avoid making spelling or grammatical errors.

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